Medical Reimbursement

At Magic Hair Company we like to provide a relaxed environment for all women. Our clients come to us with a variety of issues that lead to hair loss. Some of the issues our clients face that cause hair loss are alopecia, chemotherapy, and genetics. Whatever the reason causing hair loss we can create the perfect wig for you.

In our Culver City boutique, you can try on different lengths, styles, and textures. We can recreate your old look or come up with something completely new. You can select a wig and leave with it the same day. Or we can order you something custom. We also custom color and do installations all in store. We are a one stop shop for your wig and cranial prosthesis needs.

We understand that shopping for a wig after experiencing hair loss can be a scary and overwhelming experience for some. We can assist you with selecting the perfect wig whether this is your first wig or if you have been wearing wigs for years. Come in store for a wig shopping experience like you have never had before. What are you waiting for?

We also work with non-profits and community organizations to donate wigs and the related services that we offer. These wigs are donated to ladies who have gone through chemo and are returning back to work. We are currently seeking sponsorship to donate more wigs and services to women who have lost their hair due to chemo.

Medical Reimbursement for wigs is available. Follow the steps below to file for a medical reimbursement through your medical insurance provider.

Scan the below QR code to download our medical reimbursement steps.