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OMG first off I want to start by saying I have been a licensed beautician for over 25 year. I have tried some of everything. There is not a brand out there that me or my clients haven’t tried. I decided to try magic hair company because they were a new company and I figured why not Ive tried everything else. first off I loved the customer service they were very helpful and friendly. I received my order a day earlier then expected. The hair matched perfectly and I was extremely happy with my purchase and will defiantly be sending them many referrals.


Tereasa A.

Houston , TX 


I absolutely love my hair. I purchased 12 oz just in case the hair has a lot of shed or wasn’t full enough and I only needed 8 oz. This hair is the bomb. It doesn’t shed or tangle and it looks great. I am definitely a customer for life.


Melissa G

Jackson, MS 


I got the 30″ wavy hair and I LLLLOOOOOVVVVEEE it. The thing that I have been having a problem with is I have purchased 30″ from 2 other companies online and not only was it hella expensive but was less the 26″ inches both times. Magic Hair Company sent me hair that is the actual length and weight they say it is and this hair doesn’t shed at alllllllll. I friken love this hair and I look bomb just like Beyonce.



San Bernardino, CA


Hello, My name is April C. and I am a first time customer of Magic Hair Company. I usually buy hair from a lady that lives in my apartments but I was getting tired of chasing her down just to find her and she doesn’t have what I need. I was kind of skeptical about purchasing hair online but I am glad I did because I know this company is not going anywhere. When I received my package the presentation was lovely and the quality is great.


April C.

Chino, CA


Magic Hair Company is the first company that I have purchased hair from online that everything they say the offer is accurate. Many companies out there don’t really know if they are selling hair that is chemically processes or remy. I own a upscale beauty shop in Houston and when I ordered a sample of the different textures I could already see and feel the difference. I decided to order 2 Kg of hair and I was extremely happy with my order. All bundles of hair were accurate in weight, texture, and color. Most importantly the hair was actually virgin remy just like they advertise. I was able to color and cut this hair without any problems. I will definitely be placing another order.


Pamela R.

Houston, TX


I love the hair I got from Magic Hair Company. I have used many different brands of hair and this is by far the best. The hair I have doesn’t shed or tangle or tangle at all and my husband loves it. I am on my second install with the same hair and I can already tell this hair will probably last me forever and I will defiantly recommend this company to everybody I know.


Marissa C.

Fontana, Ca


I am so happy about my purchase from Magic Hair Company. I live in a area where I have to drive over 3 hours to find any decent hair. I have ordered many times from different companies online and haven’t been able to use any of that hair for more then two months. When I received the hair it was so soft and beautiful and this hair is holding up and looks the same as when I bought it.


Sabrina H.

Palm Springs, CA 


Magic Hair Company has the best hair around and if you are looking for quality hair that doesn’t shed or dry out order from You wont regret it.


Tina P.

San Bernardino, CA


My mother purchased hair from Magic Hair Company and she is one of those people who just comb their hair and go. She has been using the same hair for months now and it still looks great so I knew I had to ordered some for my wedding/ honeymoon. I was in and out of the ocean and pool for 2 weeks and this hair still looks great.


Regina S

Fresno, CA


This is the best hair I have purchased ever. I love the fact that the hair is always in stock and it is reasonable priced. The customer service is great. They got my order right the first time and the hair is just absolutely fabulous. I will definitely be getting more hair and will refer my friends and family to the site.


Courtney W.

Tuson, AZ


I swim almost every day in the summer with the kids so I was looking for something that would last and look great so my stylist sent me and this hair is definitely looking great after washing and swimming with it for over 3 months.


Joyce A.

Atlanta, GA


I am addicted to my weave and buy hair all the time. At first i was skeptical about buying hair from this company because I had not heard much about the. I checked their reviews on youtube and I was sold. I bought 12 oz of Brazilian curly and this is this best hair I have ever tried. It hardly shed at all. Of course it shed a little because it is curly hair but the weft construction was great. Even my husband noticed.


Yance R.

Houston, TX


I asked my beautician about what company she got her hair from and she referred me to Magic Hair Company. I purchased The Indian Curly 24×2, 22×2, and 18. After she installed it all of the ladies in the salon told me how beautiful my hair was looking. This was a great self esteem boost because my husband just left me and I needed a little pick me up. I feel like a new person. And this hair is very durable. I am on my 3rd install using the same hair. I have flat ironed the hair and colored it. The hair is not damaged at all. I feel fabulous. I will be purchasing a closure soon.


Cynthia C.

Orlando, FL


I am so glad that I found a company that will ship to me in England. I find very few offer this service and if they do it is at a crazy price. I called and the lady I talked to on the phone was very helpful with taking care of my order. I will definitely recommend them.


Abdula J

London, England


I have completely ripped out my edges from wearing quick weaves for years. Because of this i ware lace frontal pieces with my weave. I tried Magi Hair Company and was very happy. Their lace frontal was the right color and density and blends perfectly with my other Indian hair.


Samantha W.

Miami, FL


I work in a upscale salon and we use to offer our own hair the we would purchase from all over the place. We would never know if we were going to get good batches or bad batches and that hair shed like crazy. We hated the inconsistency. After we started using Magic Hair Company as our supplier we no longer had this problem. Their hair is very consistent in quality and I love the fact that the hair comes already washed and packaged for our customers.


Michelle B.

Atlanta, GA 


I recently purchased hair from Magic Hair Company and I must say this is some good hair. My daughter has had The Indian Silky Straight hair for almost a year now and it still looks great. I compared prices including shipping with a few other companies and I must say that its a pretty penny but in the long run you are saving hair because this hair will last you forever.


Aaris B.

San Diego, CA


I found Magic Hair Company on facebook and used the discount code posted. I received my hair within a week and I especially love the fact that they sent me the tracking number so I can track my package. I am very happy with the Indian wavy hair and I will be purchasing some Malaysian hair next month. I tell everybody to buy from Magic Hair Company and stop wasting money buying from these random people selling hair on the street.


Kionna L.

Orlando, FL




Monique L.


Hello My name is Allyson and almost three months ago my co-worker referred me to your company. I wanted to wait a few months after I got the hair to really tell you my testimonial I love the hair it barely sheds I can straighten it wet it and it curls right back. I wont comb my hair all day and it is not even tangled. I tell my friends about you, and soon I plan on getting more hair. I am sending you a pic I took yesterday, (May 10th) of the 16 and 18 Indian curly I got from you in February.


Allyson Liggins,

San Bernardino CA


Your hair is just so amazing ! I saw so many reviews on this hair, and knew it was a must have! I got some for my first year of college starting in a couple of weeks. I figured it would’ve been a dope look for a freshman. BUT–the hair is just fabulous.


LaReina (: !!

Vancover, WA


Its some good hair


Jannea Pain

Miami, FL


Hey there, You have done a fantastic job. I’ll definitely digg it and personally recommend to my friends. I’m confident they will be benefited from this web site.


Markessa Jackson

Periss, CA


I think the clip in idea is really fantastic. Seems much healthier for african-american hair. NO GLUE !!!!! plus it will let the hair breathe!


Teressa N

Las Vegas, NV 


I am so happy that I found your website, so far you’re the only hair website that sells 8″ hair and I am so happy because not every customer wants long flowing hair.


Temicko B.

Passadena, CA


Sooooooo in love with this hair!!!


Adrianna S.


Hair from Magic Hair Company is FIERCE! 


Paige R.

Denmark, CO


Hello I was directed to your company page by MrsDivaLike, I totally love the clip-ins she installed in her hair as they looked so natural like and could not even tell it was not her hair!


Joyce W.

San Diego, CA


Loving the hair, it’s gorgeous it looks beautiful, I can’t even begin to tell you how fabulous it’s is.


Thelma R.



I just want to say thank you Magic Hair Company. I received my hair within two days after I placed my order. I haven’t installed the piece yet, I’m still watching videos and taking notes. Also, I heard about your company through Peakmill Youtube channel.


Ton T.


Just wanted to stop by and say I still LOVE my hair!!!


Tamarah B.


I finally had an opportunity to use my clip ins I ordered recently, absolutely love them, I may order a longer length next time. It’s so natural everybody thinks its my hair. It’s great for taking a break from wigs and weaves.


T Rainey 11-13-2012


The closure dyed BEAUTIFULLY!!! And the waves and body of it is gorgeous! Thank you! I went through 3 hair company’s trying to find a good closure, and I’m very grateful! <3 JM


Jmiles 10-15-12


I found out about Magic Hair Company through YouTube (ULOVEMEGZ) & I am extremely happy that I did. I was skeptical at first about ordering from the company so I did my research and have yet to find a bad review, needless to say I went ahead and placed my order on 17 September I was so shocked when I went to the mail room & my package was there on the 22nd of September. The hair itself is exactly as advertised this is not a gimmick ladies.


Tdashay 9-24-2012


Love, Love, Love this company! Hair and customer service are great. Great quality hair, soft, smells so good upon arrival…It’s all great. Will do business again. Thanks!


Cassie 09-24-2012


I just love magic hair company I have been ordering from there since 2011 love love love!!!


Lashona walker 09-22-2012


its some good hair


ronnivea 08-10-2012


Omg great hair!


deeva 08-21-2012


Thank you so much for offering a quality product. I’ve had my hair installed for a few days and I can tell the difference in the quality. I have ordered hair from previous companies and I’ve been very dissatisfied with the products. The hair does not tangle and I ordered 20 inches but it measures 22 inches which is great! I have already recommended your site to all my friends and I’m about to order more hair!