t front

  • What is the difference between T frontal, 5x5 Closure, and Front Lace wigs?

    A T Frontal is very similar to a front lace wig.  It is new on the market due to the current lace shortage in Korea.  As implied in the name, the lace is designed in a T shape: lace from ear to ear up to 13 inches along the hairline, then down the center around the part, up to 4 inches.  Fine quality lace is used in T frontals, which give a gorgeous hairline and transparent part.  Clients have shared that they really love their T frontal for a few reasons.  Reason #1 the lace covers 13x4 inches which allows for the unit to be worn behind the ear.  The side part blends perfectly with your natural scalp complexion.  Reason #2 It can be worn glueless.  Reason #3  It is less expensive than a full front lace wig, but still great quality #4 Styling versatility; can be worn with curls or st