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What’s the Difference Between Wig Glue and Wig Holding Spray?

Wig Holding Spray has emerged as a must have item for many lace wig wearers. Wig holding spray is the key product used with the popular stocking cap method. It is a convenient method for keeping your wig in place.  Wig holding spray, unlike glue, is not messy and is also easy to apply.  User friendly, inexpensive, and an excellent safe alternative to glue are a few top reasons that wig holding spray is preferred by many.  Got2B glued freeze blasting spray is among the top choice of holding sprays used for lace wig installs.  Most Wig Holding sprays are actually gels with an extremely great hold. Sprayable gel for easy application, wig holding sprays will gel the lace to your skin keeping the wig in place along your hairline.

Wig glue is an actual bonding adhesive.  Many types are on the market, each of them targets a specific need.  Whether it’s sweatproof, waterproof, or something good for oily skin, wig glue is an individual choice based on your unique needs.  Cosmo magazine did a story in 2020 on the top wig glues.  Each of the top choices were highlighted for their ability to dry to a clear finish and to provide a long lasting hold.  Whether you are in the gym, on a trail, in the shower, or in a humid climate, these glues provide a secure hold. Here are the top choices for the following categories:

  1. Best For Oily skin: Davlyn Waterproof Adhesive
  2. Best Waterproof:  Esha Absolute Lace Wig Glue adhesive
  3. Best Sweat -proof: Ghost Bond Classic     

Top Picks for wig holding sprays and gels are


ORS Olive Oil Fix It grip gel 

 Got2b Ultra glued invincible styling gel

 Got2b glued freeze blasting spray 


 Protecting your natural hairline is always something to consider when shopping for adhesives.  The drying alcohols in both sprays and gels can cause dryness and breakage.  A gel that doesn't flake or cause dryness is a perk of ORS fix it grip gel.  ORS has upped the ante with their Olive Oil Fix it grip gel which is enriched with olive oil and castor. This combo adds moisture, and offers protection to the hairline by eliminating dryness, therefore reducing breakage.  Got2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Gel is a top pick because it also doubles as edge control.  Who doesn’t love a product with multiple uses?  A small amount of this gel goes a long way.  Use sparingly on your edges because it does have a strong hold.  Yet, it does not flake, and is rated excellent for use on lace wigs.  Lastly, Got2b Glued Freeze Blasting Spray can be seen in almost every YouTube tutorial.  Slaying the look often begins with this popular spray. It is chosen for its great hold, but also because you can spray and lay your wig quickly.  Quick and Simple for those of us who are on the go.

Glueless wigs from magic hair company are very secure and are very strategically designed.  Magic Hair company offers custom glueless wigs that are long lasting and of superb quality.  Using wig glues or wig holding sprays, take time to apply.  It also takes time to develop the skills of laying lace wigs to achieve a flawless finish.  The Glueless wig option, not only saves time, but it offers the safest option to protect your scalp, skin, and hairline.  You will not experience any sliding. Your lace unit remains secure with a cap that has discrete combs in place throughout the cap construction.  There is also an adjustable tension band, as well as an adjustable strap.  Both provide security, in addition to an impeccable hairline that appears naturally scalp grown.  Ordering is simple and easy.  Schedule an appointment.  Shop with Magic Hair Company.  Be the first to hear about upcoming sales, raffles, and promotions.  Stay in the know by subscribing to our newsletter and following us on each of our Social Media platforms.  We look forward to seeing you soon in our Culver City, CA store. 

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