What is the difference between T frontal, 5x5 Closure, and Front Lace wigs?

What is the difference between T frontal, 5x5 Closure,  and Front Lace wigs?

Trending topics and inquiring minds are met here.  This blog will shed some distinct differences on T Frontals, 5x5 Closures, and Front Lace wigs.  We hear these names and then hurry onto YouTube to hear the reviews and watch as they are applied.  Magic Hair company is ready to give their professional expertise and equip readers.  Grab that cup of tea, fresh brew, or refreshing beverage and join the read as we dish the details on these haute products.

A T Frontal is very similar to a front lace wig.  It is new on the market due to the current lace shortage in Korea.  As implied in the name, the lace is designed in a T shape: lace from ear to ear up to 13 inches along the hairline, then down the center around the part, up to 4 inches.  Fine quality lace is used in T frontals, which give a gorgeous hairline and transparent part.  Clients have shared that they really love their T frontal for a few reasons.  Reason #1 the lace covers 13x4 inches which allows for the unit to be worn behind the ear.  The side part blends perfectly with your natural scalp complexion.  Reason #2 It can be worn glueless.  Reason #3  It is less expensive than a full front lace wig, but still great quality #4 Styling versatility; can be worn with curls or straight.

The major drawback to the T frontal is that the part is fixed. You can not manipulate or change the part.  If a side part is ordered, then you can only wear a side part. The lace is designed strategically so that the part is as natural looking as possible.  Less lace is used in T frontals, than in your standard front lace wig.  With the smaller amount of lace used, wig makers opt to use a finer quality of lace. This type of lace has smaller holes making the part look impeccable.

5 x 5 Closures

As we discussed in a previous blog, closures can be used with a sew in or with a wig.  Measurements matter and make all the difference.  Client head sizes vary, and many have found that the standard 4x4 is not large enough to achieve the desired hairline that they are trying to achieve with a closure.  So in comes another “inch'' to create the look they desire.  Five inches across your forehead and up to 5 inches of lace back from forehead to crown.  Wearers of closures gave mixed reviews on closures.  Many do not prefer to use one on their wig.  “ I do not like the obvious separation, it did not look natural”  “ ‘It did not lay well'  The goal is simple: seamless, flawless, natural appearance.  A Closure’s construction must be done carefully and measured appropriately.

Front Lace wigs

When interviewing several customers, the POV was unanimous for the front lace wig:  “Front lace wigs are my go to for convenient, natural looking hairlines.”  Front lace wigs have all the pros. High quality lace is used, giving the sought after beautifully natural hairline and part.  Lace is constructed throughout the front of the wig, hence the name.  Purchasing a front lace wig from Magic Hair Co. gives you the perk of having a part up to six inches, which can be worn on either side, or in the center.  Durable, swiss lace is used, which can be worn daily.  This lace will not fray nor become damaged.  Front lace wigs are intended for long term wear.  Reviews all boast that a front lace is worth the money spent.  These easy to wear, ready to wear wigs can be worn for years.  Styling is easy and they can be worn glueless.

Quick recap:  T frontals are good for an inexpensive fixed part style.  You will get a great natural hairline, but with the delicate fine lace used, this is not the most durable.  5 x 5 closures will largely depend on how well they have been constructed.  If meticulously done, a 5 x 5  closure will lay nicely on a sew-in or wig creating a full natural hairline along your forehead.  Front lace wigs have been a go to on the market for longer than the T Frontals and 5 x 5 closures.  Using high quality, durable lace, front lace wigs give you more for your money.  You save time by having more lace available for parting, allowing more style versatility.  Closures are not necessary with front lace wigs from Magic Hair Company because knots have been bleached, and hair has been pre plucked for a gorgeous natural hairline.  Cap construction for front lace wigs have been improved, and done with comfort and transparency in mind.  Front lace wigs will last for years.

GIven all the proper tea on the new to the market T frontal and 5x5 closure, and the long standing front lace wig,  now it’s time to choose your product.  Is it the T Frontal for a quick inexpensive fixed part style?  The 5 x 5 closure to add to your wig or sew in?  Or the more inclusive front lace wig for long term wear?  Rock it well whatever you choose. Remember quality over quantity.  Quality hair from a company that sells human hair. No fillers. No synthetic fibers.  Spend wisely.  Consider how the market is trending with shortages, so sticking with an honest, reputable company during these times will keep you from losing money on a product that is not wearable. 

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