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  • What is the difference between T frontal, 5x5 Closure, and Front Lace wigs?

    A T Frontal is very similar to a front lace wig.  It is new on the market due to the current lace shortage in Korea.  As implied in the name, the lace is designed in a T shape: lace from ear to ear up to 13 inches along the hairline, then down the center around the part, up to 4 inches.  Fine quality lace is used in T frontals, which give a gorgeous hairline and transparent part.  Clients have shared that they really love their T frontal for a few reasons.  Reason #1 the lace covers 13x4 inches which allows for the unit to be worn behind the ear.  The side part blends perfectly with your natural scalp complexion.  Reason #2 It can be worn glueless.  Reason #3  It is less expensive than a full front lace wig, but still great quality #4 Styling versatility; can be worn with curls or st
  • A Guide to the Right Lace Frontal for You

    Magic Hair Company has the best 360 lace frontals. Our 360 lace frontal will fit securely around your entire hairline. As well as our 13 ″x4″ lace virgin frontal it is made from the finest virgin hair. Our frontal measures 11″ ear to ear and 4″ from the forehead to the back of the head and 14″ root to tip. We like to offer only the best high-quality products for the ultimate results. Not only are our lace frontals can be ordered in any texture. Select your customization of length, dimensions, hairline or texture for any other questions or a guide for the right lace frontal for you free to contact customer service.
  • Glueless Custom Wig Store in Culver City

    Magic Hair Company is a leading supplier for glueless lace wigs. What is a glueless lace wig? Our glueless lace wigs are made of high quality swiss or hd lace. We offer 6 different lace options for our wigs.