• How to Measure Your Head for a Lace Wig before ordering online

    Ordering a lace wig online from Magic Hair Company is easy, the measuring has essentially been done, caps are comfortable, and the fit is secure. Sliding will not occur.  Neither will your wig rise up from the nape of your neck.   If you do find that you measure below or above the standard size, please let us and we can order customized your fit.  Measuring can be done inside our Magic Hair Company Culver City wig store.  Customers are free to try on as many wigs before purchasing during their appointment. We are available via our chat feature on our website to schedule your appointment.  Ready to meet your human hair lace wig needs, Magic Hair Company has 100s of  ready to wear wigs in stock.  Fit is important, so we have taken care to carefully craft the perfect fit.  Shop with us and experience the Magic of Magic Hair Company quality lace wig store.
  • Best place to buy Human Hair Wigs in Los Angeles- Culver City Ca

    One timeless fact remains the same: We as customers want a personable, unique experience when choosing a wig, versus ordering one online.  Have you purchased online before then the quality was not what you desired or expected? Returning can be a hassle, Refunds can take longer than  a season to change -- IF they even offer one, and shipping can be days or weeks.   During this time of zoom meets, virtual dating, video conferencing, we want to look our best. PERIOD. 
  • Investing in a Custom Wig

    Getting a new, elegant look that can change the style of your hair and how you feel about yourself all comes down to selecting just the right wig for you. While there are countless choices you can make from ready-made wigs at different locations, you may be better off purchasing a wig that has been created just for you. Customization is available from many wig makers today so you can get a wig that is the color, length, and style that is ideal for you. Investing in a custom wig well-worth it to you and you want to make sure you turn to the best source available for your wig.
  • Get the Best Quality with Raw Hair Extensions

    Hair extensions continue to be immensely popular today. Celebrities and models for many years have used extensions to add body, density, and length to their hair to create the styles that you and others will fall in love with when you see them. The choices available to you today for extensions seem almost endless, and it can be difficult for you to determine what the best investment for you is if you have never purchased something like this before. To get the best quality, you want to take a good look at raw hair extensions like we offer here at the Magic Hair Company.