How to Measure Your Head for a Lace Wig before ordering online

How to Measure Your Head for a Lace Wig before ordering online

Small cap, medium cap, large cap, standard cap? Which one should I select at checkout?  Knowing your measurements will ensure a comfortable and secure fit. All that’s needed is a tape measure, and a few seconds. 

When measuring, think about where you would like your wig to sit at the nape of your neck. Place the tape measure along the Base of your skull, sitting comfortably at your nape. Wrap both sides behind your ears and bring the tape measure to the front center of your forehead. Tape should sit comfortably around your head, with the lower portion of the tape resting  just above each ear.

Most common measurements fall between 21 - 22.5. If you find that your measurements are outside the normal measurements we will gladly order you specific size. Small caps are for 21s and Medium caps, the most popular size, are for size 22s.  Magic Hair Company’s lace cap design has added features to accommodate both small and medium cap wearers. A standard custom cap is used that fits securely for long term wear. Additional measurements are not needed when ordering because there is an adjustable elastic band inside each lace cap. This adjustable band is removable for those who prefer to wear their unit sewn down to their base foundation. A major perk of this adjustable band is depending on the flatness of your foundation underneath, you can adjust the fit of the cap accordingly.

Not only is the elastic band present , but two tension bands are located along the rear sides of the cap.   These can be used to pull your lace wig tighter to the scalp for properly laid lace fronts and full lace wigs.  Laying flat shows off the scalp illusion which reveals a natural hairline and natural looking part.  

Ordering a lace wig online from Magic Hair Company is easy, the measuring has essentially been done, caps are comfortable, and the fit is secure. Sliding will not occur.  Neither will your wig rise up from the nape of your neck.   If you do find that you measure below or above the standard size, please let us and we can order customized your fit.  Measuring can be done inside our Magic Hair Company Culver City wig store.  Customers are free to try on as many wigs before purchasing during their appointment. We are available via our chat feature on our website to schedule your appointment.  Ready to meet your human hair lace wig needs, Magic Hair Company has 100s of  ready to wear wigs in stock.  Fit is important, so we have taken care to carefully craft the perfect fit.  Shop with us and experience the Magic of Magic Hair Company quality lace wig store.

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Where to Find the Best USA based Custom Lace Wig Store


While all of the human hair used for bundles, wigs, closures, and clip-ins come from India,  there are several US based custom lace wig stores.  The supply chain process involves India, South Korea, and China.  US based custom lace wig stores are online primarily.  Lower overhead costs have driven most companies to be web based only.  So are there physical US based Custom lace wig stores?  Yes.  Would it intrigue you to know that there is a Custom lace wig store with both a physical location and virtual space?  Black owned, woman owned, and a highly professional US based store.  Read on to learn where to find such.

Custom Lace wig stores serving only the premium extensions and custom lace wigs can be found in areas where the demand for quality extensions and human hair lace wigs is high.  Searches not only start with Google, but while scrolling through top social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  Following hair gurus, fashion forward celebs, and our favorite social media influencers often lead us to check out who is styling their hair.  Tagging the hair companies shed all the light on where to go to find quality custom lace wigs.  The most knowledgeable companies in the industry have been around for decades because they are keeping quality at the center of all they do.  

US based stores like Magic Hair company, are conscientious of the need for pure human hair products.  Synthetic products filled with animal hair or plastics not only look bad, but can also cause allergic reactions when worn.  Human hair is minimally processed, therefore it lasts longer because there is not an abundance of chemicals present.  Hair companies not based in the USA are notorious for mass production of synthetic blends.  Capitalistic societies manufacture wigs in the cheapest way possible, using the least expensive laces and products available.  Resulting in a product that will look good only before shampooing or coloring.  

Magic Hair company, a US based, black owned custom lace wig store located in Culver City, California, tests all hair products before wig construction begins.  All custom coloring is done at the store for this reason.  During the coloring process, hair that is not 100% human hair will not lift.  This is a tell -tale sign that synthetic fibers are present and that the bundle, or unwefted hair is not human hair.  Dealing with reputable distributors and vendors is key for Magic Hair company.  In order to produce the best, you must purchase the best.  This is why Magic Hair company has solid reviews as a reputable USA based hair company.  Using only Human Hair for all custom lace wigs, and hair products, Magic Hair company also only uses the most durable, yet sheerest lace available on the market.  The use of High Quality products in addition to being well managed  gives Magic Hair the edge over overseas competitors.  Customer service is outstanding.  The team is knowledgeable and professional at Magic Hair Company.  USA based lace wig stores outshine online companies largely due to language barriers with foreign run companies.  Communication and service from Magic Hair Company is prompt as they seek to meet the sensitive needs of hair loss clients.  You will not get an automated response, yet you will be in touch with a team member who has years of industry experience.  


Shopping inside the Culver City store,  which is located near LAX, is a non intimidating experience.  Everyone is welcomed with hospitality. Appointments are encouraged.  This gives you and the staff the time needed to customize your shopping experience.  A brief consultation is done to better understand what you would like to achieve.  Whether it is a first wig purchase, a new wig, or a refresh for a current Magic Hair Company custom lace wig, we are ready to assist and make your desired look a reality.  Check out our social media platforms, and go live with us on IG to get all of your questions answered.  Proudly black owned, and US based, Magic Hair company continues to change lives, one custom lace wig at a time. We are your premiere, one stop boutique for glueless custom lace wigs.  We will see you in Culver City.  Let’s keep in touch.  Subscribe to our newsletter for all updates, our featured ready to ship wigs, and promotions.


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