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  • How to Measure Your Head for a Lace Wig before ordering online

    Ordering a lace wig online from Magic Hair Company is easy, the measuring has essentially been done, caps are comfortable, and the fit is secure. Sliding will not occur.  Neither will your wig rise up from the nape of your neck.   If you do find that you measure below or above the standard size, please let us and we can order customized your fit.  Measuring can be done inside our Magic Hair Company Culver City wig store.  Customers are free to try on as many wigs before purchasing during their appointment. We are available via our chat feature on our website to schedule your appointment.  Ready to meet your human hair lace wig needs, Magic Hair Company has 100s of  ready to wear wigs in stock.  Fit is important, so we have taken care to carefully craft the perfect fit.  Shop with us and experience the Magic of Magic Hair Company quality lace wig store.
  • Alopecia Areata: What is it and who can Help?

    Magic Hair company has helped several clients over the last decade with various forms of alopecia. This battle with Alopecia areata does not have to be embarrassing, and you definitely do not have to suffer silently without support.  Our team of educated professionals has enjoyed assisting clients with purchasing the best glueless lace wigs, clip ins, and other products that suit their hair loss needs.  With a custom or ready to wear glueless wig from Magic Hair co, customers benefit greatly from not having to use irritating adhesives to keep their wig in place.  Our cap construction is made with the sensitive needs of our clients in mind.  Hair loss ranging from chemotherapy, radiation, various types of alopecia, psoriasis, to eczema,  the team at Magic Hair co. have crafted glueless lace wigs using only the finest lace available on the market.  
  • Best place to buy Human Hair Wigs in Los Angeles- Culver City Ca

    One timeless fact remains the same: We as customers want a personable, unique experience when choosing a wig, versus ordering one online.  Have you purchased online before then the quality was not what you desired or expected? Returning can be a hassle, Refunds can take longer than  a season to change -- IF they even offer one, and shipping can be days or weeks.   During this time of zoom meets, virtual dating, video conferencing, we want to look our best. PERIOD. 
  • What to Look for When You Want a Custom Wig

    We all want to be able to have beautiful hair all of the time; however, the reality is that many of us will have difficulty and challenges with our hair at some point in our lives. When issues such as this do occur, and you struggle with the particular look of your hair, you may want to consider investing in a wig to wear as an alternative. At the Magic Hair Company, we can help you choose just the right wig and create a custom wig for you that has all of the characteristics you are looking for so that you can have fantastic -looking hair.
  • The Look You Want from a Custom Wig

    There can be a lot of reasons that you might seek out to purchase a wig or extensions. It could be as simple as you want to change your current look and go in a different direction. Your reasons may be related to providing hair to help you take care of issues you have with losing your hair. Whatever your reasons are, it is only natural that you would want the wig you get to look its best on you. While there are certainly plenty of options out there for wigs you can buy, you can get the exact look you want when you invest in a custom wig made to your specifications.
  • Glueless Custom Wig Store in Culver City

    Magic Hair Company is a leading supplier for glueless lace wigs. What is a glueless lace wig? Our glueless lace wigs are made of high quality swiss or hd lace. We offer 6 different lace options for our wigs.