Alopecia Areata: What is it and who can Help?

Alopecia Areata:  What is it and who can Help?

By: Tanula Starks

Our immune system is often credited for its ability to help us fight sickness and disease.  During our current Covid-19  pandemic, immunity has been talked about in terms of vaccination, but not as much as it should in the context of rest, stress reduction, diet, and exercise and how these factors play a vital role in boosting our natural response to illness.  While it is true that our bodies are uniquely designed to work for us, there are instances where it fights hard against us.  Autoimmune disorders generally refer to self destruction.  With autoimmunity, the body is unable to differentiate our healthy tissue and cells from foreign substances, so it attacks everything or a targeted system.  


Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disease in which the body attacks its own hair follicles and cells within the follicles, causing hair loss.  AA, alopecia areata, can result in hair loss anywhere on the body.  Eyebrows and eyelashes are commonly lost with this disorder.  The population of people who develop Alopecia areata are generally healthy people.  Dermatologists have shared that hair loss in Alopecia areata can be gradual, beginning as thinning.   It has also been noted that hair loss can appear suddenly with Alopecia Areata.  It is most commonly seen as hair loss on the scalp, starting as a bald spot appearing in an oval shape.  Clumps of hair can be found in combs and brushes, or a sudden wider part can be noticed within 1-2 days of onset.  

Stress has been identified as a known trigger for alopecia areata.  Self care is highly important in reducing or eliminating stress.  Self care takes on so many forms.  One of the common things that we hear from those with alopecia is how hair loss affects confidence and quality of life.  Self care boosts confidence, esteems us, and lowers negative emotions.  Negative emotions like doubt, fear, anxiety, or low self worth eat away at us.  Scheduling time to pour into yourself is what self care is all about.  Investing in self has a return on investment that can not be measured.  Take time for regular self care so that your body can properly rest, heal, and restore.  Managing stress triggers can keep the immune system functioning optimally, reducing flare ups that start the hair loss cycle.

Magic Hair company has helped several clients over the last decade with various forms of alopecia. This battle with Alopecia areata does not have to be embarrassing, and you definitely do not have to suffer silently without support.  Our team of educated professionals has enjoyed assisting clients with purchasing the best glueless lace wigs, clip ins, and other products that suit their hair loss needs.  With a custom or ready to wear glueless wig from Magic Hair co, customers benefit greatly from not having to use irritating adhesives to keep their wig in place.  Our cap construction is made with the sensitive needs of our clients in mind.  Hair loss ranging from chemotherapy, radiation, various types of alopecia, psoriasis, to eczema,  the team at Magic Hair co. have crafted glueless lace wigs using only the finest lace available on the market.  

Hair care is important to us and we have developed a product line that nourishes and strengthens all hair types.  Soon to be released is our hair growth oil.  Used regularly on both your natural hair and scalp, will maintain healthy tresses and keep you refreshed.  Schedule some time to visit Magic Hair co and indulge in self care.  Visit us online and chat with our team to  purchase from our featured wig section.  We are ready to answer any questions that you may have. Our professional staff are available Monday-Saturday for consultations.  Appointments are preferred for your one on one shopping experience.  We look forward to seeing you this season.

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