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Glue v. Glueless

Glueless Wig Installation

Repeat after me: Time is our only true currency. If we treat our time like our money then we know that we must invest it wisely and spend it carefully. Making that decision leads us to weighing our options and the pros and cons of those options. At the end of every day we rest well when we know that we have invested time wisely, and not wasted what we can’t get back. What are some of the things that we spend more time on than we should? One thing that shouldn’t take too much of our time each day is our morning hair routine and nightly hair routine.

 Hours spent in a salon getting a lace wig installed will take a good portion of your day. The braid down, sewing on the cap, trimming the cap, and then gluing the lace wig to the cap. Time to style the wig, and then having to apply glue again in just a few days; or daily for those who know that it is NOT good to sleep in your wig. Both short term and long term adhesives are on the market that are used for lace wigs. The long term adhesive will keep a wig in place for about 4-6 days. Adhesives can be damaging to your hairline, in addition to causing skin irritation. Glue can clog your hair follicle which in previous blogs we discussed how this will slow or halt hair growth. Inflamed or clogged follicles will cause hair loss. Overtime, glue also cheapens the quality of the lace, shortening the life of the lace.

Glue is very messy to use. Using glue damages your hairline and is definitely not recommended for those with sensitive skin, alopecia, or experiencing any hair loss due to medical treatment.

Glueless lace wigs have effortlessly taken top spot. Secure, convenient, and long lasting, quality glueless lace wigs from Magic Hair Company have no competitors. Easy to slip on, the glueless lace cap construction has fine combs perfectly placed that hold the wig in place. Additionally there are two straps that provide the custom fit that blends the wig cap to your scalp providing a natural part. A tension band resides inside the cap to ensure a custom fit. A larger, adjustable band allows you to further secure the lace wig if you choose. This band is comfortable and can also prevent the lace cap from riding up the nape of your neck. Optional and removable, the band, along with the combs keeps the glueless unit perfectly in place all day. You will not experience any slipping, our glueless lace wigs do not budge.

Purchasing a glueless lace wig from Magic Hair Company will bring simplicity to your morning and evening hair routine. Going from glam, chic, haute, and gorgeous styles will take only a few seconds to slip into. Invest in yourself and go glueless. Allowing more time for self care, conquering dreams, and enjoying the life you love is an incomparable trade off versus time spent on wig installs. Going glueless also means a healthy hairline, a protected scalp free from irritation, and not having to check on lifting when glue begins to lose its hold. Invest your time and spend your coin wisely. Time well spent, makes your soul content.


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