What are the Best Products to Use to Maintain a Human Hair Wig or Human Hair Extensions?

What are the Best Products to Use to Maintain a Human Hair Wig or Human Hair Extensions?

Touchably soft tresses and frizz free hair with a natural sheen are sought after qualities of human hair wigs.  Sleek and smooth human hair extensions can last for a great length of time when well maintained.  Products are key to maintaining human hair wigs and human hair extensions.  Quality shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer are the top three products that  you want to invest and have for your hair care regimen.  Hair products are designed to treat and protect the hair. Ingredients such as keratin, B vitamins, jojoba, coconut to name a few are beneficial to nourishing, strengthening, and protecting our strands.  There is a lot of care and thought that goes into product development.  Let's look at what Magic Hair company has to offer exclusively to you.

Our illustrious hair care system was designed exclusively with human hair wigs and human hair extensions in mind.  Developed with all the potent ingredients to promote growth, detangle strands, reduce and eliminate dryness and frizz, as well as giving shine and bounce.  Both our Shampoo and Conditioner are loaded with Keratin and proteins that strengthen human hair.  This will prevent human hair wigs and human hair extensions from shedding.  Used on your natural hair, the benefits are endless. It is rich in antioxidants that thoroughly cleanses from product build up, oils, and dirt. Nourishing, our blend will protect your hair from breakage, seal in moisture, and smooth your hair cuticle.  Keratin is a protein found in the body--in our nails, hair, and skin.  The amino acids in keratin not only strengthen our hair but promote growth.  Helping to repair damaged strands or thinning areas, our keratin shampoo is a staple.  It's color safe and will definitely preserve color on human hair wigs and extensions.  

Our Keratin Moisture rich Conditioner comes enriched to provide moisture and smoothness to human hair wigs.  It is weightless and smells amazing.  After shampooing, conditioning brings in a balance to seal the cuticle with all the wonderful vitamins and oils needed to maintain moisture.  This weightless perfect blend of oils, soy protein, and keratin keeps hair fresh, bouncy and tangle free.

Lastly we have a hydrator that defines curls and amplifies them.  Giving the uoomph and body to our curly human hair wigs and extensions when we are styling.  The Hydrator curl definer and amplifier doubles as  thermal protection, and a uv protectant. It is great to use on straight human hair wigs and extensions also. The thermal protection prevents color fading from heating styling tools on color treated human hair wigs and extensions.  Preservation of strand softness is key and manageability is achieved.

Magic Hair’s company’s four product bundle includes Smooth perfection Keratin Shampoo, Moisture Rich Conditioner, Hydrating Curl definer and amplifier, and Edge tamer Hairline smoother.  The four used in tandem gives a start to finish flawless desire result.  This bundle is sold online and in store. It comes highly recommended for use with all of our custom human hair wigs and extensions.  In order to properly maintain human wigs and extensions key ingredients are necessary.     Magic Hair company has skillfully taken into account the vital ingredients and blended the best formula for healthy strands.  

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