• Glue v. Glueless Lace Wig Installation with Magic Hair Company. The best wig store near you.

    Purchasing a glueless lace wig from Magic Hair Company will bring simplicity to your morning and evening hair routine. Going from glam, chic, haute, and gorgeous styles will take only a few seconds to slip into. Invest in yourself and go glueless. Allowing more time for self care, conquering dreams, and enjoying the life you love is an incomparable trade off versus time spent on wig installs. Going glueless also means a healthy hairline, a protected scalp free from irritation, and not having to check on lifting when glue begins to lose its hold. Invest your time and spend your coin wisely. Time well spent, makes your soul content.

  • Kinky Curly vs. Kinky Straight glueless lace wigs form Magic Hair Company

    Magic Hair Co. has hundreds of the highest quality glueless kinky straight, and kinky curly lace wigs ready to ship. Ready to wear or available for custom coloring, both textures are in stock in various lengths waiting to be styled. If a Long lasting quality full lace, front lace, 360 lace, or t frontal wig is what you are searching for, then Magic Hair Co is your store. Located in Culver City, CA and opened daily except Sundays. The absolute best in the industry, the customly crafted lace cap provides a comfortable, yet secure fit. Complete with
  • How to Glue a Glueless Wig using Got2b Glued Spray or Wig Glue

    Magic Hair Company glueless lace wigs can be worn glueless or with glue. The choice is up to you. No matter what you wig adhesive style is We have the wig for you. We have high quality lace and our wigs will give you the style you are looking for so contact us today. We are Magic Hair Company and changing lives one custom wig at a time.

  • Vacation Low Maintenance Curly Wigs

    Magic Hair Company offers a vast array of curly wig options.  Ranging from 12in to 22in, styling options are unlimited.  Whether you prefer a short curly bob, or longer shoulder length curls, we have your perfect vacation look available.  Kinky curly wigs are in stock and are a very popular beautiful choice.  Deep wave styles, sophisticated coily looks, and curly units can be custom colored and ready to ship in 3 days or less.  
  • Natural Free Parting Glueless Lace Wig Lace wigs

    Custom Lace wigs crafted at Magic Hair Company provide a custom cap with lace that extends up to 6 inches back from the hairline, allowing a good amount of flexibility for parting.  The delicate, yet durable lace offers a transparent scalp illusion resembling your very own natural scalp.  A natural part sets your look aside, making your wig look like scalp grown hair.
  • How to do Baby Hair on a Wig

    Products that are non-drying, and do not flake should be used for shaping and styling baby hair.  -- We love Edge Tamer Hairline smoother by Magic Hair Company because it is infused with Shea butter, aloe, and olive oil for a moisture boost and conditioning hydration.  Once you have chosen your edge tamer,  apply it with your fingertips or an edge brush on the cut baby hair and smoothly create your baby hair using a swooping motion. Small, Medium, or larger swoops can easily be styled.  Styling mousse can be added for additional smoothing and hold.  Use a hair dryer to dry the product quickly  if you’re on the go.  To lay edges and baby hair into place if you have a few moments, tie down your edges with a silk scarf, or use a wrapping styling strip to mold down your baby hair. A smooth, polished hairline will lay in place all day.
  • Medical Reimbursement for Wigs is Available at Magic Hair Company

    Medical Insurance plans provide coverage and medical reimbursement for wigs. A large demand for Wigs have surged over the last 10 years.  This trend continues and shows no sign of stopping.  Medical reimbursement has helped thousands of clients to purchase human hair lace wigs, and offset costs.  A benevolent benefit of this magnitude buffers the big economic impact to a patient’s finances while they are adjusting to temporary or permanent hair loss and other lifestyle changes when illness is the root cause. 
  • What is a T- Frontal Wig?

    Clients have shared that they really love their T frontal for a few reasons.  Reason #1 The lace covers 13 inches along the hairline which allows for the unit to be worn behind the ear.  Side parts blend perfectly with your natural scalp complexion, and a Center part on a T- Frontal wig is undeniably one of the most realistic of any wig.  Reason #2 It can be worn glueless. Combs inside the cap keep the T-Frontal in place, along with the adjustable band which is standard in all of our wigs.  Reason #3  T-Frontal wigs are less expensive than a full front lace wig and still pack all the high quality Reason #4 Styling versatility; can be worn with curls or straight.  Reason #5 Slip on and Go. Convenient and user friendly.