• How to Measure Your Head for a Lace Wig before ordering online

    Ordering a lace wig online from Magic Hair Company is easy, the measuring has essentially been done, caps are comfortable, and the fit is secure. Sliding will not occur.  Neither will your wig rise up from the nape of your neck.   If you do find that you measure below or above the standard size, please let us and we can order customized your fit.  Measuring can be done inside our Magic Hair Company Culver City wig store.  Customers are free to try on as many wigs before purchasing during their appointment. We are available via our chat feature on our website to schedule your appointment.  Ready to meet your human hair lace wig needs, Magic Hair Company has 100s of  ready to wear wigs in stock.  Fit is important, so we have taken care to carefully craft the perfect fit.  Shop with us and experience the Magic of Magic Hair Company quality lace wig store.
  • How to Detangle My Long Curly Human Hair Lace Wig

    Wigs from Magic Hair company come ready to wear with very little maintenance necessary to keep curls from matting or tangling.  The exquisite human hair selected for all of the custom lace wigs crafted at Magic Hair Company is free of tangles.  The superb quality lasts for years. 
  • Best Oil Combinations That Reduce Hair Loss

    Blending the 3 oils together to create a hair tonic has been shown to grow strong,healthy, hair that steadily grows with consistent use. Implementing these essential oils into your daily and weekly hair care routine will transform your locs as well as your mental health. Coming soon to the Magic Hair Company’s product line is our Growth oil. Details will be available soon. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest promotions, features, and sales.  Take time to comment below. Share your experience with carrier oils and essential oils.  Let us know what combinations  you love.
  • Custom wig colorist options. What's the difference between Balayage v. Ombré

    Magic Hair Company has a colorist who performs custom coloring on all of our lace wigs.  Schedule your 1 on 1 color consultation with our in store wig colorist.  Whether it is balayage, ombre, or custom full color that you desire, we have you covered. Clients can request Wig color changes at Magic Hair Company for the life of the wig.  Contact us online or visit our Culver CIty, California store.  Ready to wear lace, glueless wigs, bundles, and clip-ins are available in an array of colors, lengths, and textures.  Subscribe to our newsletter for promotions and features.  Coming soon is our Black Friday sale.  See you soon.
  • Alopecia Areata: What is it and who can Help?

    Magic Hair company has helped several clients over the last decade with various forms of alopecia. This battle with Alopecia areata does not have to be embarrassing, and you definitely do not have to suffer silently without support.  Our team of educated professionals has enjoyed assisting clients with purchasing the best glueless lace wigs, clip ins, and other products that suit their hair loss needs.  With a custom or ready to wear glueless wig from Magic Hair co, customers benefit greatly from not having to use irritating adhesives to keep their wig in place.  Our cap construction is made with the sensitive needs of our clients in mind.  Hair loss ranging from chemotherapy, radiation, various types of alopecia, psoriasis, to eczema,  the team at Magic Hair co. have crafted glueless lace wigs using only the finest lace available on the market.  
  • Protective styles: How often should I change my hair routine

    Keep your hair from becoming brittle, therefore preventing breakage.  Products rich in keratin and botanical oils have bountiful benefits for your hair.  Magic Hair Co. offers both Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner, and will soon be adding hair growth oil to its product line.  This exclusive line is sold inside the Culver City, California store as well as online.  Custom glueless wigs are featured online and ready to wear.  We are a short drive from LAX, and a mouse click away.  For this season’s flexible switch up, be sure to checkout Magic Hair Co. Let us design your next Custom, Glueless lace wig.  Clip ins, wefted bundles, and closures are readily available to assist with your next protective style.  See you soon. It’s our pleasure to serve you and create a new look just for you.
  • What is Centrifugal Alopecia?

    Adjusting to permanent hair loss can take time to get used to.  Confidence is often deflated.  Feelings of shame and embarrassment can take over the mindset of those battling CCCA.  Thankfully, there are safe, convenient, and affordable options to help restore confidence and style.  The team at Magic Hair Co. has experience with hair loss clients from a broad spectrum of hair loss disorders and issues.  Years of experience with making weightless, comfortable glueless lace wigs.  The finest lace is used to ensure that the scalp is not irritated.  Understanding the sensitivity of this matter, custom appointments are available in the Culver City store.  Your appointment is your time in the boutique to discuss your concerns, your needs, and your desired outcome.  Additionally, hair growth oil will be added to our exclusive product line.  Our desire is to meet the unique needs of all of our clients.  We have a knowledgeable team to help you better understand your hair loss conditions and options that you have.  Please join us weekly on our social media platforms as we discuss a range of topics.  Subscribe to our newsletter.  We look forward to meeting you and assisting with all of your glueless lace wig needs.

  • What are the Best Oils to Reduce Hair Loss

    Just as aromatherapy does wonders in reducing stress and anxiety levels, those same oils do wonders for our hair and scalp by reducing  hair loss.  A  scalp massage  alone produces a wealth of benefits: stimulates natural oil production known as sebum; increases and improves circulation; encourages hair growth; increases hair thickness over time.  Combining scalp massage with the powerful properties of essential oils improves hair quality in a bountiful way, producing unimaginable results.  The 8 Most popular oils all have unique benefits and can be used regularly with your hair care regimen.  Read on to discover all the wonderful pluses.  Here are the deets.