How to Glue a Glueless Wig using Got2b Glued Spray

How to Glue a Glueless Wig using Got2b Glued Spray


Designed to be worn glueless, the lace wigs from Magic Hair Co. can indeed securely be worn glueless. However, it can also be glued or sewn down. Should you decide to use glue we have compiled a few helpful tips that will work well and won’t compromise the delicate swiss lace. High movement activities, such as dance and sports benefit from having a glued wig. It is preferred by athletes. A properly glued wig will last up to ten days.

YouTube is a huge platform for DIY virtually everything and wig installs in particular are the top searched tutorials. Magic Hair Company has an industry veteran who has not only changed many lives with her Glueless custom lace wigs, but she also has years of cosmetology experience. As a talented hairstylist, Janeice has excelled in masterfully combining her hair talents, degree in business, and international networking to create and sustain Magic Hair Company -- a prudent wig boutique located in Culver, City CA. A few minutes of listening to her expertise or watching a clip of her demonstrate an install and it's easy to see why celebrity clients continue to buy and wear lace wigs exclusively from Magic Hair Co. Journalists, actors/actresses, and many entertainers in the music industry can be seen in human hair clip-ins, front lace, full lace, 360 lace, T-frontal wigs and more from Magic Hair Company.

Here are our best tips on how to glue a wig for the most natural hairline results. Janiece gladly shares what she uses, what works well, and why. A few items to have as you read along and prepare to DIY are:

Glueless lace Wig from MHC

Wig Cap and scissors

Got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray

Esha Absolute lace wig adhesive

Handheld dryer

After trimming your wig cap around your ears and the nape of your neck, you will begin by spraying your Got2b Blasting Freeze Spray along the front hairline of your cap. Next apply a thin layer of Esha glue. This is an excellent wig glue that is waterproof and sweatproof. Allow the layer to dry. Use a handheld dryer on a cool setting to aide the product in drying. Once the adhesive is clear and no longer white, then another layer can be added. Repeat this step twice more. Be sure to allow the glue to get tacky before applying the next layer. Keep layers thin. Smooth your glue using the back of your comb. Dry each layer is necessary in order to prevent residue from showing up on your lace along your hairline. **Less is best and it must be fully dry and tacky. Adding too much glue, having a thick line of glue, will get very messy and won’t be effective.

Pro tip: clip a few slits in your lace then smooth it down over your glue. Using your fingertips, work your lace firmly down over your glue. Hold into place and then remove excess lace. Lastly, blow the hairline dry to ensure that the product is fully dry. Your install is now complete.

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