Can 360 Lace Wigs be Worn Glueless?

Can 360 Lace Wigs be Worn Glueless?

Known for their versatility, and remarkable natural hairline, 360 lace wigs can be worn glueless. When constructing this long lasting, luxurious beauty 360 lace wig makers only use the highest quality hair. Making it the wig with the most natural appearance.  The quality allows this unit to be worn for years.  360 lace wig cap constructions are so masterfully done. Making it not only gorgeous, but extremely breathable, comfortable, and versatile to wear.  This luxurious wig does not need any adhesive in order to stay put.  Especially when purchased from Magic Hair Company.

Magic Hair Company has definitely changed up the game with 360 lace wigs. This The best 360 lace wig collection is only available in store only.  Each 360 lace wig has well placed combs that securely holds your 360 lace wig in place until it is removed for the day.  You will find a thin, discreet flat comb properly positioned at the nape of the cap, along with side combs near the front of the lace cap.  As with all of our wigs, there is also a removable, adjustable strap that adjusts at the nape of the neck for added security. It also doubles as a tension band to pull your 360 lace wig tautly to your scalp and hairline, revealing an impeccable natural scalp illusion.  This, added to the fact that the knots are pre-bleached, gives the 360 lace an amazing natural look.

For longer 360 lace wigs, wearing the unit glueless is a great option.  A huge benefit is being able to wear the back up and not have to glue down the back.  The discreet comb placed at the back of the cap keeps the wig secure; no sliding nor riding up the back of your head.

Shorter wig lengths may be worn glueless as well.  Not having to use adhesives gives you the flexibility to remove the 360 lace wig at any point during the day as needed.  Whether it is for your aqua zumba class, spin class, biking a trail, or if you have a photoshoot for multiple looks you have the flexible choice to switch out and put your 360 lace on later.

Styling is still very versatile when you wear the 360 lace wig glueless. Longer lengths have the most styling options.  Shorter lengths are still very popular and are often worn as layered bobs. Sleek straight bobs, or curly bobs are popping and are a go- to style for many.  Custom coloring, especially ombre, look amazing on both lengths.  A quick flat iron or wand curl and you are ready to go.


Pro Tip:  Style on mannequin first and then adjust to perfection once on.

Being able to wear the hair off of your face is another perk of wearing a 360 lace wig.  The hairline is so natural.  Wearing it glueless means no tacky glue or holding spray that can potentially flake.  Lastly it means protecting your natural edges; no glue clogging your follicles or pores.  You can confidently rock your 360 lace wig, assured that it will not slip nor budge. Your lace will lay flawlessly flat, and properly along your hairline. Magic Hair Company is the best glueless lace wig store near me and you. Shop with us today. What are you waiting for.

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