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With all the various wig choices and options, the question often comes up---What is the Best Wig for Beginners?  Glueless, Full Lace, Front Lace, 360 Lace, Bleached Knots, Pre Plucked are a few terms you will hear while watching the pros in YouTube tutorials.  To simplify things Magic Hair Company is opened by appointment to offer one on one wig consultation, custom coloring, and installations in order to help alleviate the guesswork for you.  Nothing beats the in store experience.  Let the custom wig specialists at Magic Hair company soothe the anxiety that may come with your beginner’s wig purchase.  Choosing the wig that is best suited for you can be done in a relaxed environment.   They’ve even got you on styling, wig install, cutting of the lace after your purchase.  As a beginner, or newbie  there are several key qualities of a Good beginner's wig.   Glueless wig, Security, Pre plucked, Bleached knots, types of  lace, closure, and Easy wearability are the top qualities to look for.  Let us start  with the importance of a Glueless lace cap.

Glueless lace wig

   Ideally we look for and want that shake and go wig that lays perfectly on our hair line.  As busy women, working moms, or when we are  feeling less ambitious (lazy-don't wanna fool with hair--me all day) we want the convenience of not having to put a lot of effort into styling and taming tresses.

As a starter wig and even as a go to wig in general, the Glueless wig option is a unit that will not damage your hair line.  Even more important than looking fly, is ensuring our natural strands are protected by all means.  No Hair Loss is the primary benefit to the Glueless wig. We like our edges snatched and laid, not gone.  Some glues and adhesives may cause irritation. So if you have sensitive skin and/ or  sensitive scalp it's gonna be such a plus to have a wig with a Glueless lace cap.  I, for one, can see myself applying too much glue and then it becomes a whole mess.  Again, taking all the guesswork out: “ How much glue to apply?”, “ Will the glue affect my edges?”, “Will the glue stay adhesed to the cap?”..... um  Glueless for the win.


That proverbial faux paus of losing your wig is a big hesitation that comes up for many clients.  Honestly, as a newbie my wig slipping or flying off in the winter winds has been a huge concern.  Thankfully, the first wig that I purchased came with a sewn in elastic band that also has an adjustable strap.  The adjustable strap secures the wig securely to my head. This also allows  the wig to lay smoothly against my hairline and scalp so that the transparent lace blends in well with  my hairline.  The elastic band  prevents slipping and shifting of the wig--securing it from ear to ear.  Working out and other activities will not have to be limited when you are wearing a wig  with an elastic band and adjustable strap. The unit will stay put until you take it off. There is not a better feeling than the confidence that comes with knowing that your stylish unit will stay in place all day. The cap is comfortable to wear, and still gives great air flow due to the thinness of the lace.

Pre Plucked

So once the purchase has been made and it's time to rock the new do, to pluck strands along the front of the wig can be an intimidating feat for most.  The idea behind plucking the strands is to create a hairline thin enough so that it looks natural.  Fine Baby hair along the hairline creates a natural appearance.  Plucking should be done carefully and lightly.  Overplucking can cause the strands in the front of the wig to become misshapen or slightly distorted; altering the original beauty of the style.  A pre plucked wig can save you time and protect your investment from a plucking mishap. It takes time, skill, and practice to properly pluck a quality lace wig and achieve the flawless look we see in videos and pics.  

Bleached Knots

Many customers do not like the hand tied knots to be visible.  The bleaching of these knots conceal and hide the knot.  This technique gives the most natural look.  Wig specialists have mastered hand tying strands to delicate lace caps and then performing the chemical process skillfully hiding the knots altogether.  Bleached knots are a great way to get the illusion that the hair is growing from the scalp .  It’s always great when the wig does not look like a wig.

Lace cap and Closure

So many types of laces are available for wigs.  Swiss lace is a trusted lace used commonly because it is sheer and gives a transparent view of your scalp and hairline.  This thin lace is very delicate, so hair that is very dense or heavy should not be tied to the lace. Wearers must take care not to pull too much on the cap. Air flow is not restricted with Swiss lace and it is ideal for glueless wigs. Transparent hairline, breathable, and comfortable to wear; Swiss lace is a keeper.  

Korean and French lace are also used often.  French lace is  thicker and more durable, but better suited for glues and adhesive tapes.  French lace can still provide an undetected, natural hairline appearance.  Because of its thickness, French lace does not give the air flow that a Swiss lace would.  The main pros to a French lace are 1) the thickness of it allows heavier strands of hair to be tied to it 2) a newbie who tugs firmly when pulling on the cap is less likely to tear  the thicker French lace 3) glues and adhesives may be used

Korean lace is the thickest of the three.  It’s greatest quality is that longer, heavier strands of hair can be tied to it without tearing the mesh of lace.  Wearing a wig constructed on  a French or Korean lace cap during summer will not be very comfortable.  The thickness of the lace also prevents the transparency of your natural hairline.  The most important thing to note about all the laces, they can be tinted to match your skin tone---thus creating a beautiful hairline with natural effects.

Thin and comfortable to wear are the qualities that mostly all clients say are important when choosing a lace wig. 

Closures provide an excellent alternative to frontals.  The closure is less expensive, but gives you great coverage.  You still have the versatility of wearing parts with a closure.  There is also less maintenance with a closure versus a lace frontal.

Overall the ease and comfort of wearing a wig outweighs all other factors.  When shopping, no one wants to bother with meticulous, time consuming maintenance or lots of preparation before wearing a wig.  Like our own natural tresses, we like wash n go. So when donning a wig, we want to shake, fluff, and go.  Easy to slip on and off.  Having to use tapes and glues takes time and care to prevent natural hair loss.  A pre plucked wig  lessens the time needed for all the careful preparation to go into getting that front thinned just right.  Bleached knots are an added benefit of concealing the hand tied knots of quality premium hair on the lace cap.   Putting on a thin lace cap that shows off your scalp and blends beautifully,  presenting a flawless hairline-- that is the GOAL.  So for beginners, go for the Glueless Swiss lace wig, that is pre plucked.  If you are a perfectionist, don’t skip the bleached knots.  This will give you the seamless appearance we all desire.


Stay chic and beautiful

How to Keep A Glueless Wig From Sliding


True story: When I purchased my first glueless front lace wig I was in the midst of relocating. Not sure of how soon I’d find a stylist, I was ready to wear my newly purchased wig after wearing faux locs. My glueless wig was bouncy, voluminous, and full of soft curls. Newly relocated, it was time to get my driver’s license in my new home state.  My experience at the DMV was going great, I had taken my test and my photo.  At some point my wig slid and was not properly positioned. My temporary license was handed to me and that’s when I saw it!! My new license photo has this hilarious memory.  It was at this point that I was determined to get pro tips on how to keep my glueless lace wig from sliding again.


There are several products on the market to secure glueless wigs.  Silicon sheets, adhesive tapes, wig grip bands, and wig clips are the most popular around.  Silicon sheets are easy to use. Cut your desired amount and apply to the lace wig.  The sheet has a protective film that resembles parchment paper. Once you remove the film, then you  can even sew the sheet to the lace of your glueless wig if you prefer.  The sheet can be cut in up to six to eight strips, which is enough for 6 to 8 wigs, or 3-4 if you choose to put a strip in the front and back of your wig.  

Wig grip bands are comfortable and will prevent pressure headaches that often occur when wearing a wig.  The elastic band from a wig cap can cause headaches.  This easy to wear gel band is worn like  a headband.  It ensures that your wig stays in place until you slip it off.  With the grip band it is almost impossible for your wig to rise up in the back, nor slip down in the front.


At Magic Hair Co, when you purchase a glueless lace wig, no other product is needed. Here’s why.  Our custom glueless lace wig has 4-5 sewn in soft hair combs, a tension band, and a removable adjustable strap. The combs are strategically placed along the nape area, crown, and sides of the wig cap.  On the inside of our comfortable wig cap is an elastic tension band used to adjust the secureness of your wig cap and brings tensions so that your front lace lays flat against your hairline.  There is a  bonus adjustable band in the back  of the cap. The beauty to this bonus adjustable strap is that it is removable. You can easily adjust it to your comfort level. With the proper sized cap and these added features sewn in, slippage is not an issue.  Many clients opt to have their wig sewn to their natural hair.  If you sew down your wig, we recommend removing the adjustable band from the cap. * the hair combs may also be removed


When I’m rushing out in the mornings, it is so convenient to slip on my glueless lace wig and slide the combs  onto my hair.  I hook my adjustable strap together and my unit stays in my all day.  Now that we are  wearing  masks daily, it's still very comfortable behind my ears. The adjustable strap however can be removed if you don’t like the feeling of your mask straps behind your ears plus another band or cap. Wearing the strap is optional and is there for added security. Comfort is taken into high consideration at Magic Hair company, so our caps fit nicely and purchasing another wig cap isn’t necessary.


Save time by visiting Magic Hair Company. Your one stop shop for a custom glueless lace wig that stays in place all day.  Ease of wear. Comfortable and Chic.  Ready to wear and Ready to ship. Join our newsletter and check us out on our social media platforms for live showcases of our in stock wigs.  Be the first to know about our specials, our no code needed sales, and get all your questions answered.  We are here to create  a flawless custom wig for you.

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