Whats the difference between a full lace and Front Lace Wig?

Options, versatility, style freedom, and natural hair line all come to mind when choosing between a Full Lace wig or a Front lace Wig. Which is Better? Full Lace or Front Lace?  Great thing is, it’s completely your choice. Let’s start with the differences.
What is a full Lace Wig?
Like it’s name suggests, the Full Lace wig is one that has a cap made entirely of lace. This full lace cap allows the wearer to wear an endless array of styles because the full lace cap will show your scalp. Updo? No worries, because the full lace allows your natural hairline and scalp to be visible. Side parts or center parts may be rocked with a Full Lace wig. Really an "anywhere" part can be rocked with this highly flexible Unit.  High Ponytails can even be worn.The scalp can be fully parted ear to ear and forehead to nape. If breathe- ability  Is high on your Checklist when choosing a wig, then the Full Lace has you covered.  This is an excellent option for working out, jogging, and even if you're planning a fabulous beach getaway or swimming. The Full Lace wigs can withstand these activities.  A very versatile and flexible choice. The sheer lace allows your scalp plenty of air flow. The hair on a full lace is hand knotted strand by strand, making the price higher than other wigs, but well worth it. The cap is fully ventilated.  However,  the price is certainly lower than hair transplants and high end fusion techniques. The Full Lace wig will still grant the same great, natural, and flawless look. The durable lace is comfortable and is secured with proper fitting, and adhesive tape. Full lace gives you options galore, with a sheer lace to reveal your entire scalp.  The lace has high durability allowing it  to stretch across the entire head  down to the base of the scalp. Stretchy and comfy, not tight or constricting. It's a great idea to get fitted for your cap. Magic Hair Company is one of the best glueless full lace and front lace wig makers. Our standard cap size 22.5 fits most because of the lace cap construction.  Wig caps also come in small, medium and large.
So lets recap:Here's the tea on the Full Lace Wig:  Sheer, durable Full Lace Cap with tons of versatility and comfort.  Full lace alleviates any worry of your part not appearing "natural". The sheer resilient lace reveals natural scalp and hair line each time it is donned.
What is a Front Lace Wig?
This is a wig with a traditional swiss lace cap, but lace on the front of the piece only. This front lace shows off your front natural hair line, allowing you to style baby hair as you wish. Limited styling with a Front lace is a pro or con depending solely on your perspective. Many clients like the ease of Front lace Wigs because you don't have to style them much. A little fluffing and shaking may be all that is needed. The simple, yet sheer lace blends well with the front of your hair line. You have glueless options that allow you to cut the front lace as close to your hairline. We will gladly cut the lace for you at Magic Hair Company. Trendy styles are still an option, making Front Lace  a go to for many. Front Lace Wigs are tried and true for a go to trade look. Affordable, stylish, and versatile styling options are a few of the advantages of a Front Lace Wig. Front lace wigs are typically less expensive than full lace wigs. A well made Front Lace wig gives you a High quality look and saves some coins.  The front lace wig will have lace from the crown forward, so parting can only be done up to 6”  through a small area of the middle front section or side for parting. Many Full Lace customers opt for a voluminous  hairstyle, and then style their natural baby hair along the front of the wig for a very chic and polished look.  Both front lace and full lace caps from Magic Hair Company will come with 4 combs and 2 adjustable straps to prevent slipping and shifting, and additionally a nape strap to secure the wig to your head. It's possible to wear a partial updo or ponytail as well with the Front Lace wigs.
What are the benefits to both the Front Lace Wig and Full Lace Wig?
1) Great breath ability:  air is easily passed through the unit to the scalp.  We all know how important it is to maintain our scalp and tresses when wearing protective styles.
2) Hairline is protected from damage as long as you choose a glueless option.
3) A wonderful option for those with thinning hair or alopecia. Excellent alternative to sew ins because there is no tension from braiding. Nor do you have to be concerned with  the weight of extensions adding tension to your braids.
4) With proper maintenance the Front Lace Wig may be worn for a year or two when properly stored in a satin bag keeping it free from tangles and frizzies. Full Lace Wigs tend to last longer; no shedding, no tangles. Magic Hair Company signature Keratin shampoo and conditioner are highly recommended.
5) Want to try color, but not on your natural hair? This gives you the chemical free option to try new colors for a fresh look. The Front Lace or full lace Wig, already affordable, can be custom colored  on high quality tresses. We also have a great wig colorist available in our Culver City wig store.
The Full Lace wig in comparison to its counterpart, gives all the versatility you desire at a slightly higher cost. It is carefully constructed and takes longer to make. Full Lace wigs will last long and give you flexibility.
The Front Lace wig in comparison, is advantageous when it comes to price. It could be a very wise choice if budget is your biggest factor.  Front Lace wigs also provide ideal coverage for those with alopecia. A new do is always a confidence booster. With carefully constructed caps, the air flow allowed promotes a healthy scalp.
Choosing between the two, Full Lace or Front Lace, can be fun and exciting. Whichever you choose, may your choice allow your beauty to be enhanced and Glow naturally. Make an appointment to come into our Culver City wig store for a wig consultation today.
Magic Hair Company is changing lives 1 custom wig at a time.
Which are you feeling more?  Full Lace or Front Lace let us know in the comment section below? 


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