How to cut the Lace on a Glueless Front Lace Wig?

How to cut the Lace on a Glueless Front Lace Wig

Cutting the lace on a glueless front lace wig from Magic Hair Co. is as easy as selecting  “ Yes, Cut the lace.”  We will cut the lace for you so that your Glueless front lace wig is fully ready to wear once it touches your hands.  If you have a wig from another vendor we have some tips to share with you on cutting the lace. Grab your shears and let’s cut some lace.

When  you try on your wig and are ready to cut your lace, cut as close to the hairline as possible. Start in the center of the lace and move downward on either side making your way  around your ear. Repeat on the opposite side.  If your wig is already  pre -plucked and the knots have been bleached, as it would be from Magic Hair company, then all you need to do is wear and style.  You can use styling mousse to lay baby hairs and finish with edge tamer along your hairline.  Try our special edge tamer for a flawless hairline.

Again if purchasing from Magic Hair company the  lace will be cut in store for you. When ordering online, you can choose this option at checkout.  We have curbside pick up available as well.  Free domestic is offered.  Schedule your pickup or appointment with us if you are in the Culver city area.  Our Culver City store is opened to serve you Tuesdays -Saturday. Appointments are preferred.  Use our live chat feature online to book your appointment.

Join us every Friday at 3pm pst on our IG live when we feature our in stock wigs. During our IG live we take the time to record live tutorials sharing styling and hair care tips.  Questions are welcomed during our live feed.  Our featured wig section is updated daily.  Check it out on our website.  All items in the featured wig section can ship immediately.  

The choice is entirely yours  whether you want us to cut the lace at purchase.  We take care of your glueless lace wig from custom construction, coloring, styling, bleaching knots, pre plucking strands, and cutting of the lace.  After purchase we are still available to serve you.  Offering a maintenance service, you can drop off your glueless lace wig and we will shampoo, deep condition, and style it for you.  Don't delay Magic Hair company is your best in lace glueless wigs.   Please subscribe to our newsletter and let us work our Magic for you.

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