How to Detangle My Long Curly Human Hair Lace Wig

How to Detangle My Curly Lace Wig

By Tanula Starks

If it is a curly lace wig, long flowing kinky curly lace wig, or even a human hair deep wave lace wig  that you are rocking this season, we are giving you some detangling tips and tricks needed to preserve the curls and coils in your curly lace wig.  Quality upscale human hair lace wigs from Magic Hair Company are long lasting.  No shedding, tangling, nor matting will occur.  Keeping the hair clean and moisturized is all that is needed to maintain your Curly lace wig.  As stylish as Curly hair is beautiful, it does require some upkeep just like our natural tresses.

Curls thrive and bounce when hydrated.  Depending on if you are detangling at night with time to spare  or detangling and styling on the go, we have listed some tips that will work seamlessly every time. 

Styling on the go:

Use water and conditioner liberally.  Mix Magic Hair Companies signature curl definer into a spray bottle with water, shake, and spray onto curls.  Work through with a wig brush or wide tooth comb.

Lightly saturate curls with our curl definer.  Especially if you are rocking a curly, deep body wave, kinky curly lace wig.  Hydrating with Magic Hair Company’s  Hydrating Curl definer & amplifier revives curls, and amplifies voluminous locs, while defining curls and taming any frizz.  This golden product is enriched with natural oils that nourishes hair strands to promote a natural sheen.  End results:  bouncy, lush curls with proper definition.

Night time detangle:

Wash Curly lace wigs in warm water with a prestige cleanser free of sulfates.  Magic Hair Company offers a Keratin Shampoo for use on all human hair lace wig textures.  The keratin nourishes the cuticle, preventing any shedding, while fortifying locs.  Cleanse by working the shampoo through with your fingers from base to ends.  Rinse in warm water.  And just like that, All detangling is complete.  Comb conditioner through with a wide tooth comb.  Allow all curly wigs to air dry.  Do Not use a blowdryer on Curly lace Wigs.  The aim is to keep curls elongated and hydrated.  Using heat will take away the moisture needed for curls to remain free flowing and bouncy.  (You can blow your cap dry on a low heat setting) 

Once dry, curls can be finger styled.  Shake and go. Fluff and go. Misting lightly with a curl hydrator or amplifier is all that is left to do until your next wash.

 Wigs from Magic Hair company come ready to wear with very little maintenance necessary to keep curls from matting or tangling.  The exquisite human hair selected for all of the custom lace wigs crafted at Magic Hair Company is free of tangles.  The superb quality lasts for years.  

Shopping with Magic Hair Company is a convenient and personable experience. Make an appointment and come on by our Culver City glueless lace wig store near you. Available to you virtually on all of our social media platforms, our website, and chat feature.  Our team of industry veterans are available to answer any questions, as well as to get you started with your purchase.  Consultations and appointments are recommended.  Shopping in the Culver City store is a timeless experience.   Customers can try on as many styles as they prefer, and are never rushed.  Wigs can be custom made and shipped to you in less than a week. Shipping and styling are complimentary with every purchase.  We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on social media, and schedule a visit to our Culver CIty store.  Comment below, we would love to hear from you.  

Stay Beautifully you.


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