How To Maintain a Human Hair Lace Wig at Home

You have found the best wig store to purchase a lace wig.  Your shopping experience was second to none. Your custom human hair lace wig is ready to wear.   You have worn your lace wig a few times and love it.  Now what??  Care and upkeep is vital to keeping your lace wig looking fresh and feeling touchably soft.  Maintaining your amazing custom lace wig is a breeze if you have the appropriate products.  We have developed the perfect haircare product line to maintain you human hair extensions at home. Human Hair lace wigs will last a few years if properly maintained.  At Magic Hair company the highest quality of hair and hair care products are selected for our custom Human Hair lace wigs.  Only the finest of lace is used in every lace wig construction.  The greatest quality of hair plus our own prestigious hair products, equals a winning combo for human hair lace wig maintenance.  

Depending on the texture of hair that you have chosen maintenance will vary slightly.  There are a wide array of beautiful textures to choose from.  Curly and wavy textures are the most popular choices.  They are fun to wear and easy to style.  These attractive textures take a bit of TLC to maintain the silky, yet delicate pattern of curls or waves.  More maintenance than a straight textured lace wig, but far less styling is needed.  Our pro tip for a curly or wavy human hair lace wig is to moisturize daily with our hydrating curl definer.  Moisturizing will keep the hair tangle and frizz free.  The natural sheen of the human hair will also be preserved with daily moisturizing.

Establishing a wash routine can be easy breezy.  We have outlined a few steps to assist with your human hair lace wig care.  Shampooing once or twice a month with our keratin shampoo and conditioner should be sufficient.  Not sleeping in it will reduce the frequency of it needing to be washed.  We have outlined below the steps that will get you well on your way to maintaining your luxurious human hair lace wig.  

  1.  Pre-poo

Take the time to remove any tangles by spraying our keratin conditioner on the hair.  Using a wide tooth comb or your fingers to detangle gently.  Work from the bottom and work your way upwards.

  1. Rinse

Using lukewarm water, place your wig under the faucet to rinse the strands.  Gently squeeze water from your wig.

  1. *Shampoo

Avoiding the cap, take a very small amount of our keratin shampoo into your hands and stroke the hair.  The keratin shampoo by Magic Hair co will cleanse and add keratin to the strands; keeping them nourished and fortified.  It is mild and will not damage the delicate strands of your human hair lace wig.  Your cap should be cleansed carefully with a small amount of  suds.  Take care not to scrub the cap.  Rinse thoroughly; this time with Cool water.  Gently towel blot.

  1. Conditioning


Work our signature Keratin Conditioner evenly throughout the wig. Again you want to avoid the cap area and the roots this time.  Working conditioner into the roots will soften and loose the knots overtime.  Concentrate on the strands.  Allow the conditioner to remain on the tresses for 3-5 minutes.  If any detangling is needed, this is the perfect time to do it.  Loosen all tangles with your fingers.  Rinse the conditioner with lukewarm/room temp water.  Pro tip: leave a small amount of conditioner on the hair.  Lastly squeeze the excess water from the hair.  Allow the wig to dry flat on a towel.

Once dry, store the wig in a satin bag; you can also for additional protection use a hairnet. A satin drawstring bag is convenient when you are travelling and on the go. The satin also helps preserve sheen.


  1.  Styling

For a curly or wavy human lace wig, our hydrating curl definer and amplifier will be your go to.  We love our hydrating Curl Definer & Amplifier.  Loaded with jojoba seed oil, this product will give you shine and added conditioning.  The hydrating curl definer is great for maintaining the curl pattern and eliminating frizz.  

Following these tips and steps will give you a wonderful, touchable finish.  Here’s to a well maintained, gorgeous lace wig, that you can wear for a few years.


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