How to Bleach the Knots on a Lace Closure

Summer has met Fall,, and Fall has met winter.  As seasons collide,  we are ready to switch up to our Fly Girl Fall looks. Transitioning from our summertime hair care routines, taking down our beautiful goddess braids, feed in styles, and preparing to rock our Fall wigs or natural tresses.  We welcome the change.  Crowning our heads with that perfect hairstyle compliments our great autumn style.  If you're looking for a fly, glueless full lace wig for the fall, consider Magic Hair Company.  We have several ready to wear full lace and front lace wigs in store and available online.  Lace Closures have been a hot commodity and many suppliers are currently out of stock.  Here at Magic Hair Co., we are well stocked and ready to serve you.  

A Full lace wig, front lace wigs, lace closures, and lace frontals comes all the way to life when a lace is properly bleached.  Lace closures with flawless bleached knots come standard at Magic Hair Company.  Performing this technique since 2010, we have meticulously mastered this delicate process.  Giving the closure an authentic scalp grown appearance, the wig specialists at Magic Hair Company have tips to share on how to bleach the knots on lace closures. So grab a towel, bleach powder, color developer, gloves, foil, flat application brush, and your lace closure....Let's delve a bit into this masterful technique.

Consistency is key

When bleaching the knots on a Lace Closure the consistency of your bleach solution will make all the difference.  Mix your developer and bleach powder until you have a frosty consistency.  If it’s too thin it will seep through your lace and can ruin the hairs on your lace closure. Key thing to note, bleach will expand so you don’t want it to get onto the hair.   Once you have achieved the proper consistency, then you can apply your bleach mixture onto your lace.  Smoothly and evenly apply the bleach with a light hand. Great coverage is important to achieve the desired result. The right consistency will give the optimum color lift of the knots. The goal is for the color to lift throughout the knots all at the same time.  

Application of the bleach

Working with bleach can be messy.  It’s important to wear gloves and apply lightly because the solution will expand. Smooth the bleach onto the lace, working back to front. Saturate the entire lace section.  Add a layer of foil over your bleached area to allow the bleaching process to begin. Adding the foil activates the color process.  Allow the product to remain undisturbed for about 10 - 15 minutes. Over Bleaching  can cause damage and discoloration.  The end result is an impeccable realistic natural scalp and hairline. Pro tip: Spread your mixture evenly and quickly for a simultaneous and flawless process. This way all the knots will have the same color appearance.  Now it’s time to rinse and shampoo.  As with any chemical process, you must stop the reaction.  Use a neutralizing shampoo and rinse thoroughly with cool water.


Hair products  preserve and further enhance the full lace human hair wigs. Wash your closure after bleaching the knots.  At Magic Hair Co. we use our own keratin shampoo and conditioner. These are necessary to hydrate your extensions after the bleaching process.

Lace closures, frontals, and wigs come pre bleached  at Magic Hair Co. The lace closures give you the versatility of wearing an anywhere part.  The closures are tastefully done and customly created to take all the time sensitive work out of the equation for our customers.   Shop with us for your lace closures that have the perfect natural scalp look.  We are stocked with Ready to buy full lace, glueless wigs, frontals, and pre bleached closures.  As well as, the products to extend the quality of your wigs and extensions.  

Achieving the most realistic hairline is a skill that takes practice.  This skilled craft  is developed over time.  Come see us at our Culver City California location. Or visit us online for all things wigs.


All closures, frontals and wig from Magic Hair Company come with pre bleached knots standard. 


;, Stay beautifully you..

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