How to Style a Wig

How to Style a Wig

Ceramic styling tools on low heat are the best when styling human hair lace wigs. Wig brushes are another great tool to have handy.  Place your wig on a mannequin and watch the transformation take place.  For curls, use a ceramic flatiron, wand curler, and/or flexi rods for beautiful bouncy curls.  Magic hair company has the 4 essential products that you need that will allow you to style from start to finish:  Keratin Shampoo, Keratin Conditioner, Hydrating curl definer & amplifier, and edge tamer.  All wigs from Magic Hair Company are easy to style.  Our most common textures are body wave, kinky curly, and silky straight. 

Body wave human hair wigs are easy to style.  Once shampooed and conditioned, allow your wig to air dry.  Using a wig brush, brush your wig after you have mounted your wig on a mannequin head.  You can cut layers, or cut into a stylish bob.  Using our hydrating curl definer and amplifier,  hydrate the wig to enhance its natural curl pattern. Start with a diluted mixture of our hydrating curl definer/amplifier (in a spray bottle mix a few drops with water) spray the wig in sections.  This is a go to product for all of your curly and deep wave wigs.  Dampen your wig and work through with your fingers. Scrunch to achieve good curl definition.  Allow it time to dry overnight on your wig stand.  After it's dry you are all set.

Kinky curly human hair wigs are also very manageable and easy to style.  Spray it with the curl definer.  This one can be worn wet or dry. Worn wet, you can simply saturate the wig with the hydrator and brush the product through.  Once dry, fluffing is all that is needed.  Fluffing creates volume.  Our curl hydrator protects from frizzing, and adds moisture that is unachievable with any other product.  

Silky straight human hair wigs can be curled or worn in a sleek straight look.  Take a small one inch section at a time and use a ceramic flat iron to add a loose curl or a tighter curl. Using a wand curler is recommended if you have a longer unit ( 16 inches or more)  Wand curls can be worn combed out, but the curls are luxurious and beautiful either way.  Begin by sectioning off your wig, using hair clips.  Starting at the back wrap your first section around your wand, hold for a few seconds.  Move to the next section.  Continue throughout your wig section by section with your wand curler.  Make sure to hold the hair tautly and securely to the wand (watch your fingertips ;) wear a heat glove) Wand curl styles on our Custom wigs will last over a month, if not longer before restyling is needed.  The curls may be pinned up, combed out , or worn as ringlets.  Combed out curls create a soft, chic, on point look.  Flawless curls are achieved. It is important to curl in the same direction, and always away from the face. Comb using a wide tooth comb and fluff for a bouncy finish.

 A wig purchased from Hair Magic Company can be styled in store.  Please visit us Monday-Saturday 10:30-6p appointment preferred.  Styling is complimentary.  We are available to cut layers, bangs, or cut the hair to frame your face.  Styling is Custom to what you want and need.  Our products are designed to preserve your custom wig and your natural human hair.  See you soon. We are your wig and hair specialists.  Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media.


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