Understanding What Virgin Hair is All About

You have many options available to you when you want to change the look of your hair. You can go to your stylist and get your hair cut, colored or styled in a way that makes it all look completely new to you and everyone else. If you feel that your hair does not have enough body to it already, getting a cut or style may not help you that much. Instead, you may want to consider adding extensions to your hair to change your look. When you look into extensions or wigs, you will find many choices and perhaps some terminology that you are unfamiliar with presented to you. You may see the term “virgin hair” used often and wonder what it is all about. We can explain the basics to you so you can see why this type of hair is most desirable.

Hair That is Untreated

When you see a listing for a wig or extension, and it mentions that the hair used is virgin, this indicates that they hair used is untreated and free of chemicals. This status lets you know that the hair you are getting comes directly from a hair donor that did not bleach, perm or use any chemicals on their hair. The hair will feel very soft to the touch, look very smooth and be natural. You will not have to worry about the hair containing any synthetics or fibers often used in other extensions or wigs.

Great for Styling

When you get virgin hair, you get hair that has a great deal of flexibility to it. You will find that you can style the hair just about any way that you would like. Hair that has already been treated can be limited in the types of styling that can be done to it. You will be able to style or color your hair without any difficulty. This hair also is thicker, providing you with hair that will not break easily or shed when you are combing, giving you a much more reliable look and feel.

Examine Our Collection

If you are interested in purchasing extensions or a wig made from virgin hair, take the time to look over the inventory we have available here at the Magic Hair Company by going to our website at www.magichaircompany.com. You will find dozens of selections made from the finest natural hair you can get so that you can be sure you can get the beauty and style you want with your hair each day.

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