What are the benefits of a 360 lace wig

What are the benefits of a 360 lace wig

As I was watching the recent Janet Jackson documentary,  which aired earlier this year, her hair gave me so much life.  The high ponytail gave upscale glam vibes, flawless natural edges, and more.  Her deep wave 360 lace wig served up  realistic in a way that only a 360 lace wig can slay.  High energy, and hair that is totally In Control (pun totally intended) is what a 360 lace wig will give.  It is the absolute most versatile, breathable, and realistic of all the wig types. Let’s delve into just how many benefits there are to this enhanced natural lace wig.

When ranked amongst full lace, front lace, capless wigs, and monofilament wigs,the 360 lace wig is still high on the list as the most purchased wig type in 2021.  This is largely due to the fact that the 360 lace has the most pros and benefits than other wig choices.  We will highlight a few that we find most beneficial.

Flexible styling

With lace covering an entire  360 degree perimeter, parting space is increased throughout the front of the wig, as well as in the back of the wig.  Offering a variety of styling options.  Since the lace covers the entire perimeter, hair bundles can be added into the crown. There is little to No exposure of your bundles, so styling options are pretty much endless.  Updos are easily achieved, as well as messy buns, and  ninja buns.  Which leads to the next benefit of a 360 lace wig.

Ideal for High Ponytails

Hair can be worn in a high ponytail, revealing an all-around natural hair line.  High ponytails on a 360 lace wig are easy to wear and are a preferred style for many performers, athletes, or ladies who like the convenience of a sleek high ponytail. 

Quality all around lace

We all know how important it is for our scalp to breathe.  Maintaining a healthy scalp and healthy hair underneath our wig is top priority.  Reducing perspiration is definitely key. Sweat will cause odor, increase bacteria, and can clog pores. Increased lace provides plenty of breathing room.

Natural and Most realistic Hairline

Lace wraps around the entire perimeter.  The cap construction is well done in order to match the natural shape of your hairline, including the nape of your neck, so that the lace lies neatly around the entire base of your head.  Sheer, durable, high quality lace providing a luxurious comfortable fit and undeniably natural hairline is a top benefit of a 360 lace wig.

 Magic Hair Company has the finest 360 lace wigs.  A very large selection of textures to choose from, Magic Hair Company also provides custom coloring for 360 lace wigs.  Cap construction has been meticulously done to ensure a secure, yet comfortable fit for long term wear.  Clients with special hair needs enjoy the longevity, versatility, and increased breathability of our custom, glueless 360 lace wigs.  Shop with us today for our exclusive 360 lace wigs.  Because these are our hottest sellers, they are only available for purchase inside of our Culver City store.  We invite you to schedule your appointment to ensure a custom consultation and one on one shopping experience.  As you prepare for warmer weather, consider what benefits you need for your next glueless, lace wig.  Magic Hair Company is your premiere, glueless lace store with the highest quality of 360 lace wigs.  Some are ready to wear, but we have a talented team ready to customly color and style your next natural 360 lace wig. 

Stay Beautifully you…See you soon.

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