What to do when you lose your hair from Covid-19

What to do when you lose your hair from Covid-19

Covid during the pandemic has definitely proven that we can lose anything at any moment.  While we are familiar with most of the Covid symptoms and after effects, hair loss isn’t talked about as much.  As we continue to learn about Covid, people are sharing more about their experience after having Covid-19.

People have developed significant hair loss after battling Covid.  Temporary hair loss is not uncommon with high fevers or when recovering from an  illness.  This hair shedding is noticeable and alarming.  Hair shedding that is fever induced can last up to six to nine months.   Some asymptomatic patients with Covid never experienced fever.  However the emotional stress triggered hair shedding.  During this time your hair can fall out in clumps.   Again, this can last several months.  

Protective styles have been a buzz phrase for a little over a decade.  Giving our hair a rest from chemical treatments, heat styling, and even sun exposure can reap benefits.  When hair loss from shedding occurs, this is the hair’s way of shedding off the old to make room for new growth.  Wearing a glueless wig is a popular choice of protective styling.  Not only will it promote a natural “rest” for our hair, but it allows the scalp to rest as well.  When braids or extensions are worn,  the weight of the extensions and tension causes breakage over time.  Wearing a wig gives us the versatility of a weightless and tension free protective style.

Magic Hair company’s masterful and beautiful, hand crafted  glueless wigs are such an excellent choice for anyone who is suffering hair loss.  One on One appointments are available for you to shop in store for a custom glueless wig.  Our skillful colorist has ombre coloring experience.  She is available for color consultations.  Inside of our Culver City store, customers have the liberty of trying on as many wigs as they desire.  Understanding the sensitivity of hair loss, your appointment time is private and unrushed.  

Not in Culver City?  No problem.  Shopping online with Magic Hair Company is a refreshing experience.  The site is user friendly and customer service is available to answer any questions that you may have.  Our chat feature is ready with a knowledgeable wig specialist on the other end.  Feel free to send pictures of hairstyles or a custom color that you would like.  If we don’t already feature it, then we will gladly customly design it.  We offer free domestic shipping.  International shipping is offered at a minimal fee.

At Magic Hair Company we pride ourselves on providing the very best quality that will last through several shampoos and heat styling.  Our hair care product line has been geniusly formulated to preserve our custom color and infuse essential hydrating oils into our luxurious wigs.  You will not have to worry about any shedding, tangling, or brittle dry strands.  A glueless lace wig from Magic Hair Company is the one commodity that produces desired results of natural quality hair.  The wigs are lightweight, breathable, and gorgeous.  So gorgeous that clients who are not experiencing hair loss eagerly rock these custom wigs.  The cap construction is tastefully done, and incomparable.  Hair combs are properly positioned at the crown, nape, and sides.  A Tension band and adjustable elastic band are both found in the back of the cap to provide security.  The adjustable elastic band is removable, which is recommended for those who prefer to wear their wig sewn.  

So whether you are experiencing hair loss from Covid-19, or another illness, and/or emotional stressor, buying a wig is your most convenient and satisfying remedy.  The hair experts are ready to serve all the glam that your crown can handle.  See you soon, and as always , Stay Beautifully You...

Where to Find the Best USA based Custom Lace Wig Store


While all of the human hair used for bundles, wigs, closures, and clip-ins come from India,  there are several US based custom lace wig stores.  The supply chain process involves India, South Korea, and China.  US based custom lace wig stores are online primarily.  Lower overhead costs have driven most companies to be web based only.  So are there physical US based Custom lace wig stores?  Yes.  Would it intrigue you to know that there is a Custom lace wig store with both a physical location and virtual space?  Black owned, woman owned, and a highly professional US based store.  Read on to learn where to find such.


Custom Lace wig stores serving only the premium extensions and custom lace wigs can be found in areas where the demand for quality extensions and human hair lace wigs is high.  Searches not only start with Google, but while scrolling through top social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  Following hair gurus, fashion forward celebs, and our favorite social media influencers often lead us to check out who is styling their hair.  Tagging the hair companies shed all the light on where to go to find quality custom lace wigs.  The most knowledgeable companies in the industry have been around for decades because they are keeping quality at the center of all they do.  


US based stores like Magic Hair company, are conscientious of the need for pure human hair products.  Synthetic products filled with animal hair or plastics not only look bad, but can also cause allergic reactions when worn.  Human hair is minimally processed, therefore it lasts longer because there is not an abundance of chemicals present.  Hair companies not based in the USA are notorious for mass production of synthetic blends.  Capitalistic societies manufacture wigs in the cheapest way possible, using the least expensive laces and products available.  Resulting in a product that will look good only before shampooing or coloring.  


Magic Hair company, a US based, black owned custom lace wig store located in Culver City, California, tests all hair products before wig construction begins.  All custom coloring is done at the store for this reason.  During the coloring process, hair that is not 100% human hair will not lift.  This is a tell -tale sign that synthetic fibers are present and that the bundle, or unwefted hair is not human hair.  Dealing with reputable distributors and vendors is key for Magic Hair company.  In order to produce the best, you must purchase the best.  This is why Magic Hair company has solid reviews as a reputable USA based hair company.  Using only Human Hair for all custom lace wigs, and hair products, Magic Hair company also only uses the most durable, yet sheerest lace available on the market.  The use of High Quality products in addition to being well managed  gives Magic Hair the edge over overseas competitors.  Customer service is outstanding.  The team is knowledgeable and professional at Magic Hair Company.  USA based lace wig stores outshine online companies largely due to language barriers with foreign run companies.  Communication and service from Magic Hair Company is prompt as they seek to meet the sensitive needs of hair loss clients.  You will not get an automated response, yet you will be in touch with a team member who has years of industry experience.  


Shopping inside the Culver City store,  which is located near LAX, is a non intimidating experience.  Everyone is welcomed with hospitality. Appointments are encouraged.  This gives you and the staff the time needed to customize your shopping experience.  A brief consultation is done to better understand what you would like to achieve.  Whether it is a first wig purchase, a new wig, or a refresh for a current Magic Hair Company custom lace wig, we are ready to assist and make your desired look a reality.  Check out our social media platforms, and go live with us on IG to get all of your questions answered.  Proudly black owned, and US based, Magic Hair company continues to change lives, one custom lace wig at a time. We are your premiere, one stop boutique for glueless custom lace wigs.  We will see you in Culver City.  Let’s keep in touch.  Subscribe to our newsletter for all updates, our featured ready to ship wigs, and promotions.


Stay Beautifully you...

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