How To Make a Lace Wig look Natural

How To Make a Lace Wig look Natural

Quality over Quantity yields years of satisfaction.  Cheap hair does not look good, nor will it last.  Sure, you can stock up and purchase several inexpensive hair pieces online.  The lack of quality however will ultimately disappoint you.  Quality hair not only looks good, but it feels good and can be worn for years.

YouTube enthusiasts will shoot tutorials giving tips on how to make a lace wig look natural.  The one thing that I have noticed most about all of these videos is the Time Spent attempting to make the lace wig look natural.  The products. The Plucking. The Lace tinting.  The repeated flat ironing and smoothing.  The Glueing.  My kids like to play the game “Would you Rather” .  Reader,  I’m asking you,    Would you rather: Spend a few seconds putting on a lace  wig?  OR Spend a half hour or longer in the mornings styling your lace wigs?   So how do you make a lace wig look natural in less time?  Buy a custom lace wig from Magic Hair Company. (period)

Quality natural lace wigs from Magic Hair Company gives every buyer a luxurious satisfaction that is second to none.  Here’s why.  Let’s start with the fact that all of the custom wigs are glueless and have a natural hair line that has been pre plucked and the knots bleached.  No time is needed for plucking hairs to create baby hair by our customers.  The lace used is the finest on the market.  We provide custom lace colors, so there is no need to dye or tint it once you take it home.  Shopping with us is all about you.  Naturally creating customized lace wigs  for a natural look and feel is what we do daily.

Front lace wigs from Magic Hair Company can be parted for a natural look up to 6inches anywhere in the front of the wig.  If choosing a full lace, then it may be parted anywhere. Our Full lace and front lace wigs look natural and give the versatility of wearing parts that reveal a natural scalp illusion.  Updos can be worn with our full lace wigs.  These custom wigs have a beautiful meticulously made cap constructed with a full lace perimeter. Soft, natural (unprocessed) human hair  is used in all of our lace wigs.  You do not have to try to make it look natural -- it already is.    Our customers get Human hair that flows flawlessly, custom lace wigs that lay seamlessly, crowned with hair that moves freely, and can be styled and custom colored at our Culver City store.  Layers, bangs, wand curls, or an ombre color switch up can be added at any time you choose.  Want a shorter cut, not a problem. We will style it at no additional charge.

Let’s recap.  To make a lace wig look natural:  simply shop with the best wig specialists, Magic Hair Company.  This knowledgeable team  has years of experience in this industry and has done all the due diligence of selecting the best premium bundles of human hair.  Our wig specialist and owner have industry connections with elite vendors who have all the prime inventory of the most  coveted natural human hair bundles and extensions.  Textures that aren’t marketed as much but last far longer than those “popular” textures that you hear most about.  Magic Hair Company provides customers with a ready to wear lace wig that looks undeniably natural.  Magic Hair company is the wig boutique that you are looking for.  Shop early and Shop soon.  Check us out on our social media platforms.  Make plans to schedule your one on one shopping experience at our Culver City store.  Subscribe to our newsletter.  We are here ready to change lives, one custom wig at a time.

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