Custom wig colorist options. What's the difference between Balayage v. Ombré

Balayage v. Ombré 

By Tanula S.

Two of the trendiest and most popular hair color options, balayage and ombré, are both highly requested in salons everywhere. A chic alternative to foil highlights, balayage and ombré have been trending for a while. What are the differences in these two sought after color trends? Is there a better choice among the two? Let’s examine.

Balayage, a French term meaning to sweep, is a technique that involves “sweeping” or painting on hair color in a free hand motion. Balayage creates a natural sun kissed look. It is an excellent choice for dark brown hair to achieve lighter tresses. The color is applied in a way that allows the hair roots to keep their natural appearance, and then gradually the hair is saturated with color downwards toward the ends. The roots are very delicately lightened. One of the main benefits of balayage is that touch ups are not needed as often because regrowth lines are far less noticeable with this technique. Balayage is considered to be low maintenance when compared to traditional color or highlights— which are concentrated more on the roots, making regrowth remarkably noticeable. Since no foil is used, the hair lightening truly looks natural like sun bathed hair.  

Ombré, also a French term, means to shade or shadow. Colorists use this technique to keep hair dark from roots to midshaft, then lighter from midshaft to ends. In contrast to balayage, ombré is a solid gradual look. The transition from dark to light is smooth. Color is gradually worked through from mid shaft to ends. Ombré was the first technique that moved away from using foils. Upkeep is very low maintenance.  Color Touch ups are not needed frequently.  The  gorgeous ombre can be subtle or fierce. Popular pops of colors, traditional hues, and natural shades all look great in an ombre style.

Balayage has taken over in popular opinion due to its natural, sun kissed finish. Colorists and stylists can choose where to paint the color, which gives a customized look. Framing the face is easily achieved with this free hand sweeping technique. Leaving your natural color peeking through, balayage brightens along your strands but not in a visible pattern. Roots are kept dark so the effect of the hair lightning is very subtle. It blends beautifully. One thing to note: If balayage is not touched up, it will eventually grow into an ombré after a few months. Touch ups are needed about every 3-4 months.  This is great considering that traditional highlights need retouching every 4-6 weeks to cover dark roots due to new growth. 

Both Ombré and balayage should be done by a salon professional in order to achieve flawless results. It takes time to perfect the sweeping technique needed to create the beautiful natural finish which lasts for months. High lift tints or bleach are used in both techniques which should be applied by a trained Colorist.  The use of foil in highlights keeps bleach heated in an active state, intensifying color. Magic Hair Company has a colorist who performs custom coloring on all of our lace wigs.  Schedule your 1 on 1 color consultation with our in store wig colorist.  Whether it is balayage, ombre, or custom full color that you desire, we have you covered. Clients can request Wig color changes at Magic Hair Company for the life of the wig.  Contact us online or visit our Culver CIty, California store.  Ready to wear lace, glueless wigs, bundles, and clip-ins are available in an array of colors, lengths, and textures.  Subscribe to our newsletter for promotions and features.  Coming soon is our Black Friday sale.  See you soon.

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