Protective styles: How often should I change my hair routine

Protective styles:  How often should I change my Hair routine

By Tanula Starks

In warmer months co washing is recommended because it does not strip our hair of oils, and reduces frizzing in humid climates.  Shampooing daily is never recommended.  Shampooing can rob hair of its natural oil, drying out the hair and scalp.  Fall and Winter temps require a different routine.  Your regimen should include deep conditioning, scalp exfoliation, adding oils to your leave-in conditioner, and sleeping on a satin pillowcase. All of these help to reduce static and dryness during the colder months.  Wearing satin lined hats yield moisture saving benefits.

Moisture. Moisture. Moisture.  Our curly, coily hair tends to lack moisture, so keeping it moisturized is the best thing to do for your hair daily.  Protecting the strands from roots to ends is the goal of a protective style.  Tucking away the hair to allow it to be free from manipulation, tugging, and heat gives it time to rest and grow.  Keeping it moisturized by using a mixture of essential oils like rosemary, lavender, and tea tree oil will keep both scalp and hair healthy. Two strand twists, buns, or scalp braids worn under a glueless lace wig are the most popular and easy to wear protective styles.  

Keeping the scalp clean and free from product build up, excessive amounts of oil, which leads to  dandruff, should always be a part of your hair care routine.  Choosing to wear a glueless wig is another safe protective measure. The major perks of wearing a glueless wig are : 1)the protection of the hairline from adhesives 2) minimizes hair loss 3) keeps hair free from heat and environmental elements like UV rays from the sun, wind damage, or humidity. While wearing your gluless, lace wig, it is important to take care of your hair underneath. Cleansing the scalp and hydrating the hair with a diluted conditioner, and applying oils will keep your hair properly nourished.

Growth oils should be incorporated into our daily routine.  For naturalnistas, wearing two strand twists, dutch braids, twist outs, and braid outs are excellent protective styling options.   Remember to apply oil to your ends with these styles.  This will reduce frizzing, dryness, and keep hair healthy.

Mundane routines or wearing the same hairstyle gets boring.  Switching up your routine is great for the scalp and hair follicles. It will keep the hair follicle stimulated, which encourages growth.  Combing, wrapping, or parting the hair in the same direction daily can actually cause thinning.  Change the location of your part, go without a part sometimes, or wear a twist or braid style that doesn’t tightly pull your edges or scalp.  The more you play with your hair, the less it will grow.  Allow the hair to rest.  Think Sabbatical.  This also gives you more time to spend doing the things that you enjoy.

Take time to massage your scalp  in order to produce natural oil.  Sebum is produced and will  

 Keep your hair from becoming brittle, therefore preventing breakage.  Products rich in keratin and botanical oils have bountiful benefits for your hair.  Magic Hair Co. offers both Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner, and will soon be adding hair growth oil to its product line.  This exclusive line is sold inside the Culver City, California store as well as online.  Custom glueless wigs are featured online and ready to wear.  We are a short drive from LAX, and a mouse click away.  For this season’s flexible switch up, be sure to checkout Magic Hair Co. Let us design your next Custom, Glueless lace wig.  Clip ins, wefted bundles, and closures are readily available to assist with your next protective style.  See you soon. It’s our pleasure to serve you and create a new look just for you.

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