Best Oil Combinations That Reduce Hair Loss

Best Oil Combinations That Reduce Hair Loss

By Tanula Starks

Oils in the right combinations can accomplish everything from improving hair health, promote growth, add strength, and provide shine to our locs. Not only are they aromatic, but the potent properties include a wealth of health benefits.  Aromatherapy boosts mood by reducing stress and anxiety.  Relieving congestion seasonally due to colds, flu, or allergies is also another popular benefit of oils. For migraine sufferers, the calming effects on the central nervous system helps to relieve the tension of headaches.  Using natural oils on hair and skin can double as hair treatment and aromatherapy.  Reducing hair loss as we age or navigate various seasons of life does not have to be expensive, nor does it require multiple hair treatments provided in salons. Below you will find a few oil combinations that reduce hair loss.  

As we head deeper into Fall, then into Winter, our hair regimen is slightly adjusted to accommodate the falling temperatures and harsh winds.  Our strands need to be fortified to withstand conditions that can cause dryness, which leads to hair breakage.  Oils have just the properties needed to strengthen our hair.  When blending essential oils it’s important to note that carrier oils must be used as a base or diluent for the essential oil.  Always test a small amount before using throughout your entire scalp.  Allergic reactions are common with some essential oils, causing intense irritation and itching.  Choosing the right carrier oil will depend on your hair needs.  Dry hair will benefit from heavier oils such as shea, coconut, and avocado.  Whereas, normal to oily hair would need a lighter oil like grapeseed, apricot, or almond oil.

A powerful combination for hair growth includes the popular combos of 

1) lavender and olive oil or coconut oil 

2) peppermint oil with almond oil 

3) Rosemary and coconut oil  

These combinations include the top three essential oils that are known for consistent hair growth by increasing blood flow to the follicles. Lavender oil combined with Olive oil, which is rich in vitamin E, will combat scalp dryness. The antimicrobial properties of lavender prevent bacteria and fungi from growing on the scalp. Increasing circulation to hair follicles, encourages hair to grow thicker and faster. This essential oil is used to effectively treat Alopecia Areata.

 Used along with coconut oil this mixture offers excellent moisture to the strands.  Leaving hair silky and smooth, using lavender oil and coconut oil together is great for reducing frizz. Coconut oil, a moisturizer and sealant, is capable of penetrating the hair shaft. It will remain on the hair shaft acting as a sealant to prevent 

dryness. How to use: add about 5 drops of both peppermint and lavender to 2 tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil. (Warmed coconut oil works best) Massage the oil mixture into the scalp, then through the hair from roots to ends. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse and cleanse with a mild shampoo. Leaving the oil mixture on overnight under a processing cap, or wrapping the hair with a silk scarf allows for maximum benefits. The natural aromatherapy will be calming, allowing for a restful, relaxed sleep. Rinse and shampoo in the morning.  

Alternatively, Peppermint oil may be used  with jojoba, olive, or almond oils. This winning combo will increase the number of hair follicles, creating thicker hair and preventing hair loss.  Rapid growth is a huge plus . Used on the scalp 2-3 times weekly will improve hair quality. Growth will be noticeable in as little as a month . 

Peppermint oil has for a long time been used in shampoo. A quick DIY, 

Adding 2-3 drops of Peppermint oil to shampoo is an easy way to boost your mood, clear sinus congestion, and eliminate dandruff.  2-3 drops of peppermint oil with water to make a hair spray is recommended for naturals who want to mist on the go. The rich mixture leaves hair bouncy, shining, well balanced and conditioned.

Rosemary is certainly not the least of the three, but is the best choice for hair growth. This essential oil is easy on the scalp for those with sensitive skin and scalp. Rosemary oil has proven to be an invigorating hair follicle stimulant, resulting in hair growing longer and stronger. This oil is very useful for managing dandruff, and itchy, flaky scalp. Known also for Balancing sebum production and keeping scalp free from clogged pores, this further promotes hair growth. Ideal for those with oily hair, Rosemary keeps oil production and pH in check. 

How to use: Use daily as a scalp massage or weekly as a pre-shampoo treatment. Take 3-5 drops of rosemary oil and massage into your scalp. If the smell is too strong, then mix with Shea, avocado oil, or coconut oil. Up to 10 drops can be added to your other hair products like (shampoo and conditioner).

Blending the 3 oils together to create a hair tonic has been shown to grow strong,healthy, hair that steadily grows with consistent use. Implementing these essential oils into your daily and weekly hair care routine will transform your locs as well as your mental health. Coming soon to the Magic Hair Company’s product line is our Growth oil. Details will be available soon. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest promotions, features, and sales.  Take time to comment below. Share your experience with carrier oils and essential oils.  Let us know what combinations  you love.

Stay beautifully you.

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