Best Wig Stylist and Store Near Me is Magic Hair Company

Best  Wig Stylist Near Me

Magic Hair Company has a talented team of stylists who are ready to bring your wig all the way to life.  Styles are fresh and contemporary, chic and trendy.  Ombre coloring, flowing waves and bouncy curls, or the sleekest straight hair imaginable.

Styling and maintaining a wig can be done for you, and is as easy as scheduling an appointment.   Purchasing a wig from Magic Hair company offers services and perks that make your shopping experience unique. At no additional charge,  styling includes cuts, layers, bangs, wand curls, flat ironing, and custom coloring.  The service is available for the life of the wig.  Wigs can be styled for daily wear or any occasion that you desire.  Meeting with our colorist to switch up your color at any time is another service made available to our customers.  Feel free to send us pictures of the style that you would like to achieve.  We guarantee the best human hair and glueless wig.

It is our passion at Magic Hair company to change lives with our glueless wigs. Each handcrafted wig is delicately designed with a comfortable, breathable cap construction.  With  hair and scalp needs in mind, our wigs are designed in a way that will not damage your scalp or hairline.  Hair loss is a sensitive matter, and we specialize in restoring dignity to customers seeking to have a high quality wig with natural style.

Standing strong in the wonderful Culver City, Magic hair company has been a staple in the hair industry for 10 plus years and counting.  Knowledgeable and Professional stylist with a keen sense of detail is what you will find at Magic Hair Company.  The inside cap construction on all of our wigs come with a scalp illusion, eliminating the need for a stocking cap.  The hair feels luxurious, soft, and so silky.  Maintenance is a breeze at home or it can be done for you inside of our store. Care is taken with the best products when shampooing, conditioning, and heat styling our wigs.

 Various laces are available to you as well.  Swiss lace is used in whatever shade of brown is needed.  Swiss lace is the most durable, which lasts far longer than HD lace.

Shopping with us inside our Culver City California store is well worth it.  We have in store exclusives that are customly designed and not sold anywhere else.  We invite our clients to try on wigs in store, and to learn first hand how to care for them.  The in store experience is encouraged. Your one on one appointment is preferred so that we can prepare especially for your visit.  There is no charge, no deposit required for your visit and consultation.

Glueless wigs from magic hair company are very secure and are very strategically designed.  Magic Hair company offers custom glueless wigs that are long lasting and of superb quality.  Using wig glues or wig holding sprays, take time to apply.  It also takes time to develop the skills of laying lace wigs to achieve a flawless finish.  The Glueless wig option, not only saves time, but it offers the safest option to protect your scalp, skin, and hairline.  You will not experience any sliding. Your lace unit remains secure with a cap that has discrete combs in place throughout the cap construction.  There is also an adjustable tension band, as well as an adjustable strap.  Both provide security, in addition to an impeccable hairline that appears naturally scalp grown.  Ordering is simple and easy.  Schedule an appointment.  Shop with Magic Hair Company.  Be the first to hear about upcoming sales, raffles, and promotions.  Stay in the know by subscribing to our newsletter and following us on each of our Social Media platforms.  We look forward to seeing you soon in our Culver City, CA store

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Schedule your appointment.  Shop with us online. Subscribe to our newsletter.  We are eager to serve you.


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