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How to Get a Wig Paid For By Insurance

Keywords and Code words are truly like keys, in that they grant us access to certain benefits.  Unlocking the door to insurance benefits when it comes to a wig purchase is certainly major access in my opinion.  Medical reimbursement is available for many who suffer from hair loss issues. There is nothing better than reaping the benefits from your insurance provider when you have a medical need.  Today’s blog will discuss how to get a wig paid for by insurance. 

Medical Coding and billing departments are responsible for assigning standard codes using a classification system. These codes ultimately determine the approval or denial of medical insurance claims.  Insurance companies look for certain codes and keywords when processing medical insurance claims.  What keywords are needed in order to get a wig paid for by insurance? The common word terms used for medical reimbursement are Cranial prosthesis, Cranial Hair Prosthesis Unit, and Extra- Cranial Prosthesis. At Magic Hair Company we have made this process as simple as possible for you. Call us today to assist you with the process.

Cranial prosthesis refers to a custom made wig designed for patients who have lost their hair due to a medical condition or from medical treatments. When filed through insurance, a cranial prosthesis is viewed as durable medical equipment.  The word “wig” does not need to be mentioned when filing your claim because this term is viewed as a fashion item and not a medical necessity.  For example: 

                Cranial prosthesis wig   NO 

                Wig prosthesis   NO

                Cranial wig  NO

                Medical wig NO

                Cranial Prosthesis   YES

There are differences between a cranial prosthesis and a custom wig.  Cranial prosthesis (plural form of prosthesis) are customly designed and a cranial mold is made to ensure a natural, perfect fit.  Another difference is the material used in order to meet the sensitive needs of the patient’s medical condition.  Various types of alopecia can cause extreme scalp sensitivity.  Cranial prosthesis are made with certain materials that do not cause scalp irritation or overheating.  

Magic hair company has a long standing reputation of providing the best glueless wigs, medical wigs, and cranial prosthesis. Specializing in hair loss has been top priority for Magic Hair Co for over 10 years.  One on One consultations are provided for clients to select a unit that suits their specific need. Medical reimbursement forms are accessible through your insurance provider’s website.   Magic Hair Co will gladly assist you with the documentation needed to present with your medical insurance claim.  We will provide a detailed sales receipt/invoice including the Cranial Prosthesis unit number for you to attach to your medical claim form.    

Medical reimbursement is a simple process, but the key is in the wording and coding.  Please Remember to make copies of everything and submit them along with your claim form. 

The following steps should be taken in order to have your wig paid for by insurance.

  1. After receiving a diagnosis, provide a written copy to the insurance provider.
  2. Obtain a prescription. Make sure your physician’s NPI code is listed.  HCPCS codes : S8095 or A9282 should also be listed.
  3. A letter written by your physician explaining why this cranial prosthesis is considered DME (durable medical equipment) and why it is necessary for your condition.
  4. Copy of sales receipt and invoice of purchased Unit from Magic Hair Company.
  5. Complete a medical insurance claim form and have your physician sign it and complete any necessary sections of the form .

 You may also want to check with your insurance provider for pre-authorization and have them disclose exactly what they will cover and up to how much.  Below is a medical insurance claim form from a widely used provider.  This gives you an idea of what to expect.

Magic Hair Company is available for any questions that you may have.  We encourage you to visit our Culver City, CA store for your personalized consultation and shopping experience.  We are grateful to continue to change lives, one custom, glueless wig at a time. We look forward to serving you soon.


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