How to do Baby Hair on a Wig

How to do Baby Hair on a Wig

Putting the lasting touches on your look is your signature finish. Delicately or Boldly framing your face with baby hair can add flair or a new energy to your hairstyle.  The great thing about baby hair on a wig is that you have the freedom to freestyle and create a hairline that more than resembles your own natural edges.  Before slipping your wig on, you want to begin by smoothing your natural edges with a moisturizing edge tamer.  Wear a wig cap to protect your hair from any friction while wearing your wig.  Now you are ready to slip on your wig.  Use a fine tooth comb,  or the thinnest rattail comb to make a very small part along the front of the lace.  Taking a thin amount of hair from the wig, cut the hair in a diagonal to prep for baby hair styling.  Repeat until you have the desired amount that you want to use to create your baby hair.

Products that are non-drying, and do not flake should be used for shaping and styling baby hair.  -- We love Edge Tamer Hairline smoother by Magic Hair Company because it is infused with Shea butter, aloe, and olive oil for a moisture boost and conditioning hydration.  Once you have chosen your edge tamer,  apply it with your fingertips or an edge brush on the cut baby hair and smoothly create your baby hair using a swooping motion. Small, Medium, or larger swoops can easily be styled.  Styling mousse can be added for additional smoothing and hold.  Use a hair dryer to dry the product quickly  if you’re on the go.  To lay edges and baby hair into place if you have a few moments, tie down your edges with a silk scarf, or use a wrapping styling strip to mold down your baby hair. A smooth, polished hairline will lay in place all day.

Pro tip*  Use some of your natural edges to blend along with the cut hair from your lace wig.  Blending these together gives a flawlessly natural look that frames the face perfectly.

Magic Hair company has kept these beauty tips in mind when hand crafting all of our custom lace wigs.  Not only have we bleached knots lightly, and pre plucked strands for a natural hairline, we have also taken time to create baby hair.  The baby hairs can be combed back into the hairstyle, or worn pulled out and styled.  A third option is to let the baby hair flow naturally against the hairline.  Magic Hair Company aims for a flawless and natural, scalp grown look for all of our lace wigs.  When buying from us you can ensure that the custom details (baby hair, bleached knots, pre-plucking, lace tinting etc.)  have already been done for you.

We sincerely thank all of our customers for choosing us as your premiere wig store for all of your custom glueless lace wigs, closures, wefted hair, and much more.  We are elated to continue to change lives with our glueless wigs.  If you have not already done so, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive all updates, promotions, and sales.  Join us weekly as we go live on our Social Media platforms.  See you soon.

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