Medical Reimbursement for Wigs is Available at Magic Hair Company

Medical Reimbursement for Wigs is Available at Magic Hair Company

Being a bearer of good news is always a joy!  New Year, New You also means that it is necessary to tap into New resources. There are so many resources available to us that I want us to be made aware of.  Benefits that are rooting for us are only a few keystrokes away. An electronic form, physician’s note, and medical prescription--  And just like that… we have coverage.  (no guarantees, but most plans are onboard)

Medical Insurance plans provide coverage and medical reimbursement for wigs. A large demand for Wigs have surged over the last 10 years.  This trend continues and shows no sign of stopping.  Medical reimbursement has helped thousands of clients to purchase human hair lace wigs, and offset costs.  A benevolent benefit of this magnitude buffers the big economic impact to a patient’s finances while they are adjusting to temporary or permanent hair loss and other lifestyle changes when illness is the root cause. 

 Hair loss, although common, can be daunting on many levels. Whether it is genetic or illness related it can alter self esteem, confidence, and be very difficult to treat. Hair loss can be accompanied by emotional distress which affects a person’s wellbeing.  When filing for a medical reimbursement, it is important to have your physician explain the emotional impact of hair loss in a letter that you can share with your insurance plan provider.  Explaining the protective factor that hair provides to the skin and scalp from the sun and other elements are also major factors for physicians to include.   


Magic Hair Co. over a decade ago, took a genuine interest in changing the lives of patients who are undergoing chemotherapy, experiencing various types of alopecia, or simply facing hair loss due to other illnesses. By customly crafting long lasting human hair lace wigs, we meet the needs of clients who have longed for quality, front and full lace, human hair wigs.  Offering superb service in a private setting to meet the needs of our clients has become a focus for our business.  An appointment based consultation where clients can try on wigs in a relaxed environment with stylists who are knowledgeable and understanding is offered at our Culver City, California store.  

Lace wig costs may now be offset with the option to file a claim for medical reimbursement.  Medical prescriptions for a medical wig or Cranial prosthesis, along with a letter from your physician is typically all that your insurance provider needs. Wording is Key! The term wig should NOT be used, and will result in the claim being denied.  Wigs are viewed as a fashion choice and not a medical necessity.  Hair Prosthesis, Extra-cranial Prosthesis, or Full Cranial Prosthesis are the medical terminology required for claims to be processed and reviewed.  Hair transplants are becoming a thing of the past and quickly being replaced by cranial prosthesis.  Insurance providers readily provide 80-100% of your costs when you file it as a full cranial prosthesis.  Most will even approve one cranial prosthesis purchase per year as eligible for reimbursement.  Common conditions that are covered include, but are not limited to:       

  • Alopecia or Genetic hair loss (i.e. alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, trichotillomania)
  • Hair loss related to Kidney disease
  •  Hair loss due to Chemotherapy
  • Hair loss due to Radiation
  • Thyroid conditions

Contact your plan administrator for details concerning the necessary steps that they require you take for medical reimbursement.  Each provider has their specific guidelines.  Some will pay upfront, while others only offer reimbursement once you have made your purchase and provide documented proof.  Save your purchase receipts from Magic Hair Company.  Email or call us and we will gladly prepare a detailed purchase receipt for you  to submit for reimbursement.  Please include the 3 digit item number in all correspondence to us.  The following documents are commonly requested for reimbursement by your insurance plan provider: medical prescription with proper CPT codes; emotional wellness letter explaining medical hair loss from your physician; signed and completed insurance claim form.   

If however your claim is denied or your plan does not cover cranial prosthesis, Social workers can assist in connecting you with resources that offer financial assistance.  Another option to note is that wigs and medical costs that exceed your income by 7.5% are tax deductible.  The American Cancer Society, and the National Foundation of Alopecia Areata  are two organizations that are helpful avenues as well.  The National Foundation of Alopecia Areata lists eligibility requirements on their website. We have included their contact info below.   Magic Hair Co. is delighted to be a part of your wellness journey.  Visit us soon in our Culver City store, conveniently located near LAX.  Subscribe to our newsletter, and follow us weekly on each of our social media platforms.  

American Cancer Society

Call: 1-800-227-2345


Chat feature available online 24hrs

National Foundation of Alopecia Areata

Call: 415-472-3780 Website:


*grants up to $500 are available through the Ascot Fund

Complete details are listed online including eligibility, application process, and required forms.

Stay Beautifully You…

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