What is the difference Between Swiss lace, HD lace, and Transparent lace

What is the difference Between Swiss lace, HD lace, and Transparent lace

Lace Front wigs made their debut in the early 2000s.  Mainly used in Hollywood for screen actors, now they are a hot seller for many consumers.      There are many lace wig types: full lace options: front lace, 360 lace. This variety brings us to take a closer look into what kinds of lace is used in the various types of lace wigs.  The most popular three will be covered in this blog. What are their differences?

Swiss lace is a very durable lace. Thin, yet durable, Swiss lace is a great choice. Most hair companies use swiss lace in front lace wigs because it is thicker, but still gives a very natural hairline.  This natural and durable lace easily matches your complexion.  These two features make swiss lace a superb choice to use in a lace wig cap construction. Swiss lace is available in the top colors: light brown (tan), medium brown, dark brown, and transparent.

HD lace has been a trending word for a short time now.  High Definition is a word that we hear a lot when we are talking about what? Videos, cameras, picture quality, TVs.  So this lace is best used if you will be doing a photoshoot, video shoot, or some sort of entertainment under a certain type of lighting.  Known for its very thin quality, HD lace is an ideal choice for a truly invisible look. When the camera picks up the fine details, HD lace is great because you will not see the lace.This thin lace is not the most durable, and will not look the same as when you first purchased it over time.   The thinness of HD lace makes it very fragile.  Care must be taken when handling a HD lace wig.  If wearing your wig daily, this fragile lace will fray and not hold up over a period of time. Not recommended for long term daily use.

Transparent lace is actually regular lace, but just transparent in color.  The transparent lace is great for a very fair skinned, light complexion. However it can be dyed to match just about all complexions.  Once a HD lace is installed the lace becomes invisible revealing a natural hairline.  Like HD lace, transparent lace is not very durable .  Buyer beware:  if you purchase transparent lace and you are a darker complexion, you Must dye the lace to blend to your complexion. Otherwise, you will have a noticeable white line along your hairline. At Magic Hair Company we will do this for you at no additional charge.

Magic Hair Company’s preferred lace is Swiss Lace in light brown.

Glueless, lace wigs constructed at Magic Hair company are designed with longevity in mind.  The durability of swiss lace allows for daily wear, while maintaining an intact lace cap.  Swiss lace is easy to clean, and will maintain its shape.  With the current lace shortages, choosing a long lasting swiss lace wig over some of the other trendy products is recommended.  This ensures a product that can be worn a few years until the market is stable and production of lace can continue. 

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